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Have just received T3 in post. Went to docs last week and told her that I was intending to self medicate with T3 added to T4 as I'm sick of feeling rubbish. In a nutshell my gp had a fit, agreed to refer me to an endo and said that i should continue to take my normal 100mcg of Levo and add some t3.

I then discovered that I have never had my ft3 tested although I'm sure the docs said I had and I know that it has been put on my blood test form in the past.

The only recent tests results I have available are


Ft4 14.8

Can't have another blood test until Ive been on the t3 for six weeks.

Am absolutely livid that my blood tests have been such a farce but am still going to try the t3. Just wondered if anyone had any suggestions regarding the results above.

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Request results in writing as you're entitled to do this. Well done for telling your GP, you may need to reduce your Thyroxine when you're adding T3.

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I vaguely remember when I was first diagnosed being told that my levels could be indicative of a pituitary problem. Since then, nothing and this has been going on for 14 years.


Hello afonog,

It is not advisable to self medicate T3 without a T3 blood test as you have no idea of the extent of the problem or if there is a problem at all.

I take 100mcg of Levothyroxine and have been told to reduce to 50 mcg and introduce T3 5mcg morning and 5mcg afternoon raising to 10mcg am & pm, if I feel ok.

10 mcg am & pm is a more usual starting dose.

I hope you sort your problems and feel better soon,



Afonog, Unless your FT4 is at the top of the range there's no need to reduce T4 when adding T3. Start with a quarter tablet (6.25mcg) for a week to see how you tolerate it and then increase to 6.25mcg in 2 doses 6-12 hours apart.

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Ok great thank you. How long should it be before I start noticing a difference? If I do notice one on this dose that is!


Afonog, some people notice an improvement in days but it can take weeks for others. I noticed improvement in brain fog and mental clarity in about 5 days when I added T3 to T4 but it took 3 months on T3 only before physical symptoms improved and was then able to switch back to T4+T3.


Hi am feeling better already with addition of t3 am even sleeping better which seems odd as I have much more energy but...... Am having what I've seen called air hunger preblems that are really unpleasant. Should I persevere with the t3 and hope this eases or should I stop taking it altogether? I take 6mcg mid morning. Thanks for the help.


Afonog, try halving the dose and take 3.25mcg for a few days then increase to 2 x 3.25mcg 8-12 hours apart. It won't be easy and probably won't be exact 3.25mcg doses but may be enough to help.


Will try that. Thank you, you're amazing. I could kid myself that it's easing today but not really sure so will reduce again. Am stunned, horrified and disgusted that this is so trying. My 94 year old great aunt said the condition vand her health were much easier to manage before the current guidelines were produced.


Afonog, so I've heard, but if you're self medicating you aren't hampered by guidelines.

Are your ferritin, B12 and folate at good levels? T3 may improve your metabolism and if the above are low may be why you're getting air hunger.


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