Success with t3

Since mid Feb I have been complaining to my hospital lab for not testing t3. It's gone around to PALS Chief Exec.

So after tuesdays blood result and visit to GP who blamed the Lab for not testing.

This morning I went to my Hospital lab and saw the senior Consultant Biochemist. Extremely helpful. Produced a copy of blood request hey presto GP has not requested t3 she also has indicated i was on thyroxine.

Fortunately they had done vitD and labs keep the samples for longer time. He ordered the Lab to do my t3

No where do i stand with this GP on one visit she told me two lies both of which I found out.

Response please!

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  • Written complaint to the practice manager and request assurance that it won't happen again. GPs are entitled to refuse to order tests but it's inexcusable to lie to you that tests have been ordered.

  • Hi Clutter

    I will just do that armed with the copy of blood request there is no where to hide. She also told me PCT won't allow her to prescribe Co proxamol. I said if it's hand written pharmacy will dispense. I called the PCT and they said no it's up to the GP. I asked them to speak to the GP directly.

  • Your GP wouldn't inspire confidence in me. Have you thought about changing?

  • yes, because I waited for so long to get t3 I am afraid the new practice will say no.

  • I agree with Clutter. Plus I hope the GP will apologise for the embarrassment caused to you.

  • Good luck with the T3 result!

  • That is awful! I know labs will refuse to do t3 without a good reason, and maybe your GP was preempting that by not bothering to order it, but that is terrible to lie to you about it! If you are on t3 she shouldn't have said you were on Thyroxine. That is misinformation that could mean the lab misses something important!

    I think GPs are worried about prescribing Co proximol because of the risks highlighted a few years ago, but that is still no excuse for lying to you!

    I agree a complaint is in order. Your GP had betrayed your trust and not acted professionally. Even if her concerns were valid (not convinced they were now she has lied) it does not excuse this behaviour.

    I hope you get it all sorted out.

    Carolyn x

  • Hi CarolynB

    Well in the past she was suppose to ref me to physio. I chased it for 3 months eventually, I had to ask her she said her computer was down. But then what can you do it's just you in the room and no one else.

  • :( there are some doctors who just don't seem to have the right attitude.

  • Definetly.

  • i understand that it's unlicenced. But, it's the only pain killer which is affective. I am very careful take it when desperate.

  • Yes, it is unlicensed because of the concerns however your GP can prescribe it on a named patient basis if you are someone for whom it is the only effective painkiller.

  • Yes. i have had it two years ago different Dr same practice.i produced what my chemist written that it should be hand written because it's not on their system, she wouldn't have it. I believe PCT spoke to the practice after. I shall see on my next visit.

  • Hello Afaghieh I saw your post and immediately had to reply as this has just happened to me again for the third time. I have a blood test done over a week ago to test for TSH, T4 and T3, the labs did not do it. It was the Endocronologist that had written on the blood test papers stipulating for it to be done, as she has been trialing me for the last 3 months with 20mcgs of NHS T3. I then had to go in for a second blood test just before this bank holiday Monday and was seeing the Endo on the Tuesday of this week. She got the tests up on her browser (luckily), but I complained to my surgery. A Manager has just rang me back this morning after I had took in a letter of complaint to fill me in with what she had done to find out why they did not test for T3. She had contacted the labs and they said that because they had so many tests to do each day, and they are in a hurry sometimes the papers get ripped open and they do not see the request for T3??????? What!!!!! So I told her that I want it in writing about what is going to happen in the future. Shea has assured me that she is putting a new system in place, which she briefly described to me about putting a separate complement slip in the test paper requesting T3 to be done. This is what the labs have told her to do. I have also told her to put that in writing for me and I will put in on this forum for all to see. I do not want anyone else to suffer, this had happened no less than 3 times with me in the past. It is crucial to know your T3 levels. I have gone away in the past and said nothing, but not now. Their excuses were oh well she is not taking T3 so no need to test. I saw the receptionist argue with the labs for 15 minutes, but to no avail. This needs to be stopped, I have also read that it can cost too much, but how can you access someone unless this test is done. We need action NOW. I will keep you all informed.

  • T3 is a more expensive test but labs should not be allowed to interfere in a GPs request for tests required to make a diagnosis or monitor treatment.

  • I agree with you totally

  • Hi clutter

    No , on the lab form she has put that i was on thyroxine. I am on t3. When asked GP why t3 wasn't tested she said it's the lab.

  • Hi marmaris

    I share your frustration. Having complained to chief exec of the hospital since feb. yesterday i decided to go to the lab myself. I got a copy of my blood request, no mention of liothyronine or t3. As it happened I saw the senior registrar in the lab and followed it up. You should do the same. Don't take the word of the receptionist in the lab ask to speak to the manager.Today i was going to see the practice manager but, I felt at this point I should put this into writing. That GP needs to apologize to me twice. We have enough to cope with. We don't need extra stress. Apart from that I just don't have the time. lab told me as routine they do tsh and t4. However on the blood form there is a space for comments which should write on t3 and this often gets missed because it's not on their computer. At the end of day blame falls on not enough money shortage of staff etc.

  • Yes I agree they are all understaffed no doubt but there needs to be another system put into place that is more fool proof as I have heard of a lot of people complain of the same thing.

  • See marmaris What happened to that buzz word "transparency"!

  • Transparency, while an excellent concept, is rarely adhered to :(

  • What does Transparency actually mean in this context?

  • I meant that while everyone seems to agree that transparency is a good idea they don't always act transparently and rather than admitting an oversight such as not noticing a written note on a blood request or scrip it's easier to make up a lame excuse for the oversight.

  • Very true, they won't be able to do it again though as my surgery is putting in a different procedure next time. I will keep you informed.

  • Well I am only para phrasing what Mr Hunt often refers to in dealing with patients.

  • So beautifully analysed.

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