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NHS Prescription for T3 success!


Hi all I just wanted to let you know that for some unknown reason my GP surgery phoned me 1 month ago to tell me that I could be issued an NHS prescription for T3 I have waited until now to let you know because I could hardly believe it! And didnt want to jinx it. The only reason I can think of is to keep me from putting in a formal complaint regarding an issue with a GP not giving me information from an endo who said I could go on NDT 5 years ago! This would have avoided 5 years of stress , fight and illness . But this sounds very cynical of me. If my ccg can give it then keep fighting in your areas . I'd like to thank everyone on this site for all the advice and support, it has been and is invaluable . Kind regards

Lesley x

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Everyone should get the treatment you are getting in my honest opinion. There are so many people with untreated thyroid disease in the UK and it must be costing the NHS a lot of money to deal with symptoms etc.

Completely agree with you . I originally was given the medication by professor in Cardiff, where prescriptions are free for all and t3 was given. However when my 2 months ran out my own gp in Cumbria refused me the medication and I've battled on for 2 years to get to this point. It will be far cheaper to give medication to those that need than treat everything else that goes with thyroid issues and all the extra visits to drs and consultants.

What annoys me is Sarah Vine who is married to Michael Gove gets NDT in this country where I had to buy mine from Thailand .... I have emailed my local MP about this yet again and I am waiting for her response. I helped re-elect her so she needs to do something to help our cause imho!

shawsAdministrator in reply to Lora7again

It's always the way - those who can afford private consultations can pay for whatever they need and have doctors who will prescribe.

Whereas those of us who cannot afford private health care have to 'stagger' on with no help/support - (except on this forum) as few doctors seem to be unaware of how best to treat a patient who has hypothyroidism or fail to recognise symptoms and patients remain undiagnosed but who will be given prescriptions for anthing other than thyroid hormones.

Poppyrocks369 in reply to shaws

I'd just like to point out I didnt pay privately to see consultant it was through nhs as I couldnt afford the cost .

was it a professor at university hospital? in cardiff? if so i’ve seen his name in articles online as a proponent of t3! wish i could see him!

Hi yes it is that professor , I saw him twice a year bit it's been a full 12 months since last time I saw him. But its glod to see someone who has a lot of knowledge .

I wish I could see him! does he do private work? may send him an email

No I dont think he does private ,I think you can ask to be referred by nhs thsts what I did .

mfinn in reply to Lora7again

Hi Lora7again, could you please send me a link to the information on Sarah Vine and NDT. Privately if necessary. Thanks.

SeasideSusieAdministrator in reply to Poppyrocks369

I originally was given the medication by professor in Cardiff, where prescriptions are free for all and t3 was given

I live in Wales and like Scotland and N. Ireland all prescriptions are dispensed free. England is the only UK nation who has to pay for prescriptions but of course if you have a diagnosis of hypothyroidism then all prescriptions are free in England.

We don't have to pay for hospital parking either.

I would say, though, that even though we don't pay for any prescribed medication or parking, it is at the expense of other services the NHS offers. I have a brother who lives in Birmingham and his access to treatment is far superior to mine.

So pleased for you Poppyrocks. Yay!!

A little bit of cynism goes a long way.....& you're right to think the way you do. If it gets your GP treating you optimally for hypothyroidism so be it. Now you know to be on alert & never just leave your treatment to the docs you will improve your health for sure.

Its great having this forum as a source of support & knowledge! Ive been on it for 9 years -always something new to learn.

Thank you ,, yes it seems we should take responsibility and chase the outcomes of consultant appointments . Hope you are currently well and remain that way too xx

That’s great news. My consultant in Dorset told me that I wouldn’t find any endocrinologist in the area willing to prescribe T3 as it had been banned by Dorset CCG. I’ve hit a brick wall 😥

That was the situation in my ccg but things changed , so there is always hope.

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