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changes in nature-throid

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Good morning to all-I'd like to know if anyone is doing WELL on the new nature-throid. Would seem the lab knows many people have complained since they came back from having a huge shortage for whatever reason which should prompt them to fix the problems. When it did work I thought it was better than armour. My nurse practitioner probably thinks I'm nuts...

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I believe there's been some change and some of these past posts may be of interest:

Hello abartme , I too was experiencing symptoms with the new NT . I developed blurry vision in in one of my eyes . I read that many did as well and they experienced hypo symptoms and the labs proved it . Your very right and good for you that your observant . Trust yourself . If it doesn't feel right than it's Not .

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Thanks for sharing ! I switched to armour (had refills) because of this. The nurse practioner I have been going to was suggesting I see an Endo so I know he doensn't want to delve in my issues. Found a doc I can't wait to see who is an MD and NP double board certified, very popular. He also believes in NDT's. Fingers crossed !

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