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I have just been in hospital for a parathroidectomy, while I was there the hospital staff ask me why I was not on Levothryoxin, I explained am on Nautre -Throid, which I believe to be natural. The nurse said its still T 4 Levothryoxin?

So I am a bit confused is it Synthectic T4 or Nautral pigs T4 in Nature-Throid

please amend if question is inaprropriate

Thank you in advance

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  • Amandajl, Thyroxine and T3 in NDT are natural because they're derived from whole dried pig thyroid. Thyroxine in Levothyroxine is chemically synthesised.

    How are you feeling after the op?

  • I feeling very good so far, my calcium has gone down, my blood pressure has came down (hope it stays that way) pain in joints and muscles have decreased. I can think more clearly and am not wanting to fall asleep at every given moment.

    So far a good start, thank you for asking xx

  • As the saying goes 'ignorance is bliss'. The medical profession have no knowledge of or about natural dessicated thyroid hormones which have been used in some form since 1892. That's due to the promotion of levothyroxine alone which is T4 only to convert to sufficient T3 which keeps us alive. T4 is only useful after it converts but some of us aren't given sufficient.

    NDT contains T4, T3, T2, T1. and the British Thyroid Association make False Statements about it. They are also prescribe levo like the USA and other countries even though some do not get well on it. Big Pharma in the USA promoted levo vigorously whilst paying doctors for prescribing and eventually it became a worldwide prescription.

    I wish you a quick recovery.

  • Hi Amanda

    I hope you are recovering from your operation. Most nurses won't know much about Nature-Throid - nor do most doctors.

    Levo is a synthetic hormone and only contains T4.

    Nature-throid is a Natural Dessicated Thyroid (NDT for short). It is a "porcine product manufactured using Thyroid USP which is derived from pigs" (description copied from ThyroidUK website).

    NDT contains T4, but also contains T3, T2 and T1. At a molecular level the natural version is very slightly different from the synthetic version, which may be more acceptable to some people. The T3 in it is important for those of us whose bodies don't convert T4 to T3 properly.

    I hope that helps.

  • Thank you, she got me all worried thinking I was back on synthetic stuff,


  • Amandajl, I have seen a couple of different consultants lately for various problems.With all the paper work the nurses have to fill in, Im ready for the question why don't you take levothyroxine, so then I explain, im always ready for the questions that follow!

  • If that is what she believes, let her carry on. You are getting all the hormones you need, so it doesn't matter what she thinks.

  • I am also on Nature Throid and I love it.   I will be on it for a year coming this April.   Most doctors and nurses don't know what Nature Throid is and they always have this look on their face of dumbfoundness.  I always get asked that question too when I go in for a cold or allergies, too.  I can't believe that they can be that ignorant.  It really has become a corrupt institution, the medical field. 

  • NdT I know it's very frightening how ignorant they are about things , thank goodness we have sites like this to rely on ... I've just got my new lot of Nature Throid delivered xx

  • I was in hospital and overheard this Dr telling the nurses  she's on natural thyroid hormone it's no good it's made from grass. I felt like oh God what am I even doing here get me home now. I actually dragged myself out the hospital bed with my bottle of nature throid at time and said here you are doctor Ndt been around  over 100 years , it's made from pigs thyroid glad Not grass. And said keep the bottle and go Google. 

    I packed my bag and walked out the hospital.went home.

  • 😂😂 just a joke how uneducated they are, yet they are paid thousands to do their job ... I ht going near an Endo but having said that I have just found the best one in 5 years he knows the score 

  • Well hold on to him . And hope you get well soon. Sounds like you've been through a lot.

    Take care now 

  • Thank you I will ❤️

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