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I dont understand my blood results

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I am on 100mg levothyroxine & suffering from Hair loss, ( alopecia areata) the hair specialist said it is my autoimmune system attacking my hair follicles & has requested specific bloods. I have got them back from the doctor and asked for copies but I don't really understand if or what they are indicating ? can anyone shed some light for me?

T3 3.8 T4 19 TSH 2.6

Iron & IBC >45%

vit B12953ng/L

Ferritin 77 ug/L

folate 17.5 ug/L

Hba1c 34mmol

thyroid peroxides Ab 5.8

tissu transglutaminase IgA lev 0.4

Haemoglobin estimation 143 g/L


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You need to provide the ranges which are shown in brackets for folk to comment as lab ranges differ.

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slopbog in reply to Treepie

Hi Treepie

I have added the ranges on the sheets now :)

T3 3.8 range (3.1-6.8)

T4 19 range range ( 10-22)

TSH 2.6 range (0.30-5.50)

Iron & TIBC >45%

range (45.0-72.0)

vit B12 953ng/L

range (197-771)

Ferritin 77 ug/L

range (13.0-150.0)

folate 17.5 ug/L

range ( 2.1-26.8)

Hba1c 34mmol

range (25-44)

thyroid peroxides Ab 5.8

range (0.00-24.90)

tissu transglutaminase IgA lev 0.4

range 000-2.90

Haemoglobin estimation 143 g/L

-)EAN CORPUSC HAEMOGLOBIN (mch) 33.7pg RANGE (27.0-32.0_)

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Treepie in reply to slopbog

SlowDragon has covered the thyroid issues.Your B12 is a bit high but is excreted so not a big problem but can be minor side effects e.g.itching.

So perhaps could reduce a little if supplementing.

The Hba1c shows you are not diabetic.

Haemoglobin is over range ,not sure about this so suggest you google the test.

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slopbog in reply to Treepie

Thankyou so much Treepie - that explains the itching!!! I will google Haemoglobin.

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Sorry you need to add the ranges on TSH, FT3 and FT4 results

Your TSH is too high for someone on Levothyroxine

New NHS England Liothyronine guidelines November 2018 clearly state on pages 8 & 12 that TSH should be under 1.5 when on Levothyroxine to be adequately treated


Also have you had Thyroglobulin Thyroid antibodies and vitamin D tested?

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rjb112 in reply to SlowDragon

Thanks for posting that document.

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slopbog in reply to SlowDragon

Hi slowdragon

I have added the ranges now and no I haven't had Vitamin D or thyroglobulin antibodies tested although I am using a Vitamin spray daily.

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SlowDragonAdministrator in reply to slopbog

So your FT4 is near top of range, but FT3 is right at bottom

This shows poor conversion

Testing TG antibodies and vitamin D recommended

Vitamin D test £29


TG antibodies you can test via Medichecks or Blue Horizon

Perhaps try strictly gluten free diet. Helps many

You can ask GP for 25mcg or 12mcg dose increase in Levothyroxine. It may help raise FT3. But it may push FT4 too high.

But you may be better getting small dose of T3 prescribed

GP's no longer allowed to do this, you need to see endocrinologist and need to pick one with care

Email Thyroid UK for list of recommended thyroid specialists.


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Hair loss can be low zinc, linked to hypothyroidism


You can test this privately via Medichecks

Suggest you test vitamin D too


Have you ever thought about getting your DNA checked for MTHFR mutation?


Its unlocked a lot of secrets about my health..... its worth a try

Good luck

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slopbog in reply to Andres75

Hi No I haven't but will consider it, if I dont get any success with vitamins etc thanks

Would like to advocate the vitamin D test ......mine drops very quickly when I don’t supplement and always causes hair loss

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slopbog in reply to Auntyp62

thanks I will do it, hair loss is so distressing.