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Graves Disease

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I was recently diagnosed with grave I am 41 and have been trying to have a baby but due to Graves being undiagnosed and the past I had 5 miscarriages I just lost twins in may and that’s when I was told about Graves

I am on 5mg carbimazole which I only took for one month and my levels dropped so they put me on 5 mg alternative days I was hopi g someone will tell me if I got pregnant is it ok to do so

My levels are now 0.24 tsh was 0.03 range is 0.35- 4.50

F3 is 5.8 was T3 was 10.7 range is 3.9-6.8

F4 is 13.9 was T4 was 29.3 range is 11.0-26.0

My TPO was 149

MY TRAB WAS 13.9 the range is 1.0 is this very high? Am I right in saying this is only over by 3.9

Please can some one help me figure this out

Thank you so much

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So sorry to hear about your twins Zahrazori.

I don't have children, but others may be able to share their experience of trying to conceive/pregnancy with Graves' disease. It might be worth adding 'trying to conceive' to the title of your post.

Your thyroid levels are now back in range and your TSH (which is effectively a signal from the pituitary to the thyroid telling it to make more hormone) appears to be on its way up, although still a bit low - not unusual at this stage. TPO indicates that you have an autoimmune condition (which could be either Graves' or Hashi's, a predominantly hypO condition which has hypER phases), but your TRAb result of 13.9 confirms that you do indeed have Graves' - unfortunately, 13.9-1=12.9, so your result is well over range,

When you are ready to try again, you should ask your endo about being switched from carbimazole to another medication called PTU until you are through the first trimester of your pregnancy. You may need to remain on medication throughout, especially if they think your Graves' has been brought on or made worse by pregnancy, and even if not, your thyroid levels should continue to be monitored. Graves' can't be cured, but it can go into remission, and usually the endos reckon the best way of achieving this is to remain on antithyroid medication for 12-18 months.

Here is a link to some information about pregnancy, fertility and thyroid problems:

Best of luck !

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Zahrazori in reply to Valarian

Thank you so much for taking ur time and explaining things to me

I will have a look at the link

You mentioned my Graves level are well over range is it ok if u explain how high am I I’m not good at maths

13.9 - 1= 12.9 am I slightly over that is what my go said I don’t think she knew her self

My endo said I should wait and didn’t really want to speak to me about this and rushed me

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Valarian in reply to Zahrazori

Re the TRAb result:

The way you’ve explained the range as ‘1’ suggests that anything over 1 is above range. Your result was 13.9.

To work out how much above the range you are, it might be easier to imagine it written as


- 1.0



Antibodies go up and down anyway - the important thing is, if anything over ‘1’ is positive, then you do have Graves’.

On the other hand, your thyroid levels (FT3 and FT4) weren’t too far above range (some people have thyroid levels more than double the range when they are diagnosed), and they seem to have responded well to a low dose of carbimazole.

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Zahrazori in reply to Valarian

Thank you again for ur detailed reply I really appreciate it

Is it right to say if u have Graves ur more likely to become a diabetic on insulin that’s what I was told

Really sorry to hear your story. I’ve got Graves in remission, I was also treated with block and replace which involves a large (40mcg) daily dose of carbimazole thenwithever increasing amounts of levothyroxine addedin takes a year from start to finish but I’m way past getting pregnant.

I agree with Valarian, change the title of your post - you can do that yourself by clicking on More at the foot of your post then selecting Edit. Also you would want to change to PTU when you get pregnant.

I met someone with Graves who now has three boys and who went on to have RAI as her Graves was there after each pregnancy, think she might have said it got worse with each pregnancy so it’s not impossible to get pregnant.

Would it be more helpful to see a gynaecologist aswell as your endo. To give the endo the benefit of doubt - (!) - perhaps he thinks it would be better for your body to wait awhile before becoming pregnant again.

Thank you for ur reply I appreciate it so much

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This link may be helpful.

The following from one of our Advisers.

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Zahrazori in reply to shaws

Thank you I will read these article thank you for taking time to help

Thank you all for taking time out to help x

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