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Do I have Graves


I have just received a trab result tsh receptor antibodies

Results was 13.7 u/l - <1.00u/l

My gp said this is only slightly high does this mean I have Graves’ disease

Please can someone reply

I am a very worried anxious person

I have been messed about by medical professionals

My tsh is 0.03 - range 0.35- 4.50

My t4 is 29.3- range 11.0 -26.0

My t3 is 10.7 range 3.9-6.8

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Thank you for ur reply

I have palpitations really dry coarse hair

I can feel light headed

That’s it really but my heart does go fast

Thank you

Yes you are hyperthyroid caused by Graves as you have the antibodies. The anxiety you feel is a symptom of Graves’ disease. Once you get your levels down that should lessen

Zahrazori in reply to Karen321

Thank you but my gp wasn’t sure she said it is slightly over

There's a few of us on here that are (or previously were) hyperthyroid. I'm afraid quality of care and diagnosis comes down the the dr you have.

You're results aren't dissimilar to mine when I was first diagnosed and I was referred to an endocrinologist straight away - GPs don't usually deal with hyper thyroid and defer to an endo.

Your T3 is more than slightly over, have you had thyroid issues in the past?

Zahrazori in reply to DoubleM

Never had problems before but had a few miscarriages

Just lost twins in may I knew something was wrong with my thyroid

Zahrazori in reply to Zahrazori

Can this be cured

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