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Graves’ disease and pregnancy


My levels are now with in range i was diagnosed with Graves’ disease mildly I am on 5 mg carbimazole on alternative days I am 4 weeks pregnant but really worried about the defects on a baby which I wasn’t aware of before please can someone advise me

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Important to get vitamin D, folate, B12 and ferritin levels tested

Good vitamin levels are essential for good thyroid function and also for a baby's development too

Come back with new post once you get results and ranges

Thank you just had the blood test will inform u with the results thank u for ur reply

I think they switch you to PTU in early pregnancy, first trimester, raise it with your Endo.


What do u mean this?

I am agreeing with coconutty

Also, it's worth pushing your endo to keep a close eye on your levels. Since you required such a low dose and were only mildly hyper. Many women experience a reduction in autoimmunity when they are pregnant and so you may not need any medication at all in a little while but you'll probably need to go back on it postpartum

Thank u so much for this info my eyes do feel really gritty and sire and painful x

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This might be of use to you -

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Thank u waiting for an appointment will mention it to them thank u for ur reply

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When is your appointment? I wouldn’t wait, phone them and tell them you’re pregnant.

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