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Sore glands

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I posted here last week about my bloods and basically am now gonna try and go private as I tested positive for Thyroglobulin antibodies and my TSH went from 6.5 to 2.5 in a few mths yet i have lots of hypo symptoms so am thinking Hashis.

My question is this- does anyone else get what feels like throbbing glands up both sides of neck? I woke with this today and get it intermittently. I am shivery and my throat is not sore just my glands and neck and glands have swollen. I usually just go to bed and it clears up by the next day but it is such an odd specific thing and I dunno what it is. Happens a few times per mth.

Any help appreciated.

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Hi sugar bee, I have exactly the same thing.I’m shivery, feel fluey with swollen painful glands. Never in my life had any gland trouble until I had Hashi’s.Another little present for us!!

I had a cold and my glands have stayed up just like yours. I think us folk with thyroid problems catch things we cant shake off. Until i started treatment of thyroxine years ago i had near constant sinus problems. Not taking that now, struggling to self-treat.

Sorry i cant offer help I’m struggling with worsening symptoms and getting so fat to boot! 😀

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