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My glands are really swollen. GP says it is a virus!!!!!!

My glands have been right up in my neck now for 5 days and I have a hard job swallowing. My throat isn't sore though. Went to GP yesterday and she said it was a viral infection and that I didn't need antibiotics just to take plenty of vitamin C and it would just have to run its course. Anyone else had this, and it went on its own?

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The glands In my neck have been up and down like a yo-yo since about Feb , I was tested and came back with antibodies >1000 and diagnosed Hashis , they have got a lot better the more t3 I have been given but still do flare up every week or so

Could be viral but if it doesn't go with antibiotics I would get tested for hashis if you haven't already


If it's viral, antibiotics won't help.

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Well antibiotics don't kill viruses but they do cause all sorts of other problems (like killing off gut bacteria) so she's probably right. Years ago they'd have given you a throat swab to check, but too lazy or cash-strapped these days, I suppose. The good old TCP gargle often works.


Thankyou all for your comments. I guess I shall just have to give it time. It makes a change for the doctor to be right. lol


I used to have this sort of thing when my TSH was high. And it did just run its course with no damage done. I think she's right. Vit C will do you far more good than a nasty antibiotic.

Antibiotics are toxic and should only be taken in life and death conditions. The less you take, the better they work. And less damage done to general health. They deplete your magnesium, for one thing.

Vit C, on the other hand, is all good. It has no side effects and does not cause super bugs to evolve. It's really all you need for a viral infection.


Thankyou greygoose.




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