Hi,I have never done this before,so may make mistakes,sorry.I have Hashimotos,am on 50 mcg of Levothyroxine,being told my bloods are within the normal range but not happy.I have noticed that when I have a busy day and am very active,I immediately suffer from a high temperature and very sore swollen glands in my throat/neck area.My thyroid gland is not swollen,at the front of my neck.I suspect my immune system is over-reacting in some way but no Doctors I have raised this with will take action.I am now suffering weekly from this problem.I would be a very unreliable employee if I worked.My last bout lasted 5 weeks.Paracetamol has stopped working.Any ideas?No-one is listening to me and I feel old and awful.Paula

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  • Hi Paula, I think I have hashi's and am very new to this, I am flutuating between hypo and hyper.

    My glands are swollen, throat is sore and I keep finding lumps in my neck. I cannot tolerate any more than 25mcg of Levothyroxine but have to half the tablet and have it twice a day.

    Am struggling to get doctors to understand how poorly I feel, am hardly sleeping at night but could happily sleep during the day.

    I feel exactly the same as you and that no one is listening.


  • Hi Sarah,

    what a relief to find someone suffering with similar symptoms but I would love to know what is actually going on.I,too feel awful,but am always told how well I look in the GP's surgery and that I can't really be that ill!

    I have lumps in my neck,like golf balls.It is now almost permanent.I am returning once again to see my GP this Monday but I know I will get the usual run around.

    Last time I was told to go away and eat healthily and get plenty of excercise.A lot of good that did.

    Thanks for your reply.This is the first time I have spoken to someone with Hashi's,who has the same swollen glands problem.

    Merry Christmas,xx

  • Hi Paula, what a journey this is. All I want is for some doctor to listen to me and not keep trying to fob me off.

    I feel so low and it is so unlike me.

    My neck is very lumpy, throat always sore. What do we have to do to get sorted. In sheer desperation I am seeing a private endo on Monday, hopefully he will listen to me and get me sorted.

    Happy Christmas to you to.


  • Hi Both

    Just to let you know you can search for hasimotos on the tags - here's one


    Jane x (someone listening)

  • Thanks Jane, much appreciated.


  • Hello Paula

    I too have swollen neck glands, so much so that I look in the mirror and see a 'bull frog' looking back! I also find that my ears are blocked - especially in the morning. Something else to discuss on next visit to GP - will compare notes?


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