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Is it B12 deficiency or a thyroid problem?help please


Hi,I have been feeling unwell for a long time now with crushing fatigue,and the last 8 months I’ve had giddiness like a feeling at times I’m on a boat it’s awful,I have brain fog and just feel unwell with no energy,my ferritin was low at 10.1 in August I do bleed heavily and I was put on ferrous fumerate my ferritin bid now 39,my B12 was 265 in January this year and 282 in August my folate is 19 so that’s good but I noticed upon asking for print outs of my blood results that my MCHC MCH MCV were elevated non two lots of tests and on the others they were right at top of range my gp never told me this! When I looked on the net it says those high results can be indicator to B12d deficiency or Macrocytosis anemia! I’m so angry my gp didn’t tell me and when I asked he said they were insignificant! I feel so unwell and those bloods spit of range must be something! I insisted on loading doses of B12d injections and I did feel better on the 6 I had but I’m now feeling unwell again nearly two weeks later so I have decided to self inject B12d on alternate days until no further improvement,I am so nervous to be doing this although it has been ores from a reputable company <source redacted>, but I just need to feel well! I also received a call from my gynaecologist to tell me my hormone test fsh had come back high and that I’m in my menopause I’m only 40! This has devastated me I am concerned it could be My thyroid causing this? As I’ve read it can be so I’ve asked for a thyroid testing although I hear nhs thyroid testing aren’t good enough? What should I be looking for on my results as I will be asking for a print out? Many thanks in advance x

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I hope your doctor has checked for pernicious anaemia before loading you with B12 which I hope he/she has done.

There is a B12 forum on HU and they may be able to answer your question. B12 deficiency is a serious problem if not dealt with optimally.

When you quote results, it is very beneficial to also add the Ranges - labs can differ in their machines. I do know that B12 should be nearer the top of the ranges rather than lower. Deficiencies can cause cognitive problems.

suggest that you post on the PASoc forum

in respect of B12.

Unfortunately B12 deficiency and B12 absorption problems aren't particularly well understood by GPs and neither are the significant limitations of the tests that are used to diagnose B12 issues. Having said that though I would have expected a drop in your B12 levels between the two test results if you had a B12 absorption problem - though this may have been obscured if you were taking high dose supplements.

The loading shots completely skew B12 serum results and it isn't uncommon for people with B12 absorption problems to need to maintain much higher B12 levels post loading shots - sounds like this is probably the case for you.

you will find out more and get more specific support in relation to B12 on the forum above.

I note that you mention the pharmacy from which you purchased the B12 ampoules - my understanding of the rules on the TUK forum is that this is probably against the forum rules so would suggest that you edit it out. Injectable B12 is a prescription only medication in the UK. However, it is an over the counter medication in a number of other countries - including France and Germany. The pharmacy you mention is a genuine on-line pharmacy with a good reputation with PA sufferers (most likely cause of a B12 deficiency).

If your thyroid problem is hashimotos then there is a very high cross over with PA (another auto-immune condition affecting the gut).

B12 deficiency can cause a false early menopause.

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