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a little help please

i was diagnosed with an underactive thyroid a while ago and am currently on 100 mcg of levothyroxine this was reduced slowly from 125 mcg, recently i have been feeling unwell and have been diagnosed with plantar fasciitis which i understand is related to my thyroid. my doctor seems unaware of the link and at my most recent blood test in august my tsh levels were 0.38, although i tell my doctor i do not feel right she will not do another blood test for another month at which point she will check my t3 and t4.

what i need to know what are and are there any other test i should be requesting?

Also is there any literature I can get hold of to give to my doctor explaing that a normal tsh doesn't mean a healthy patient?

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Oh dear. :( You have a doctor who treats TSH levels rather than you. What a shame. It sounds like you were doing ok on 125mcg of Levo. I take it you weren't suffering any hyper effects from your previous dose (fast heart rate, palpitations etc)? There was probably no need to reduce it. How long's it been since you reduced the dose?


Hi LilyMay, I started reducing in December from 125mcg daily to 125mcg every other day, as I was told that I was being over medicated, this was after a blood test following surgery for a deroofing of a large kidney cyst, then in april it was reduced to 100mcg, when I had my tests in august she only requested the tsh levels!

I just want some ammunition for my next test, I have read about diet -going gluten free, taking vitamins etc so I am just a bit confused as to what the levels should be and what other tests I should be requesting when she does agree to a blood test?

Thank you.


Oh and no palpitations etc on 125mcg.



Hit him with this

TSH is a great test for what it is designed, testing how much throid stimulating hormone your pituitary is sending to the thyroid ,but it does not give any accuracy on the amount of each hormone we need or the patients ability to use thyroid hormone at a cellular level

They all try and use a "one size fits all" protocol , primarily because it's easier for them - often this doesn't work and keeps us unnecessarily sick

If you read "recovering with T3" by Paul Robinson you will be well armed to combat any of the many ridiculous excuses doctors come up with to keep you on T4 mono therapy and rely on TSH even when unwell still

T4 works for some but not for all that is a fact !

Your TSH is low and It will be because you are taking a significant amount of synthetic hormone that will be sloshing about , your body will recognise this and not ask for any more from your thyroid

Did you feel well at 125mcg or just better than now?

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Thank you Stuart, I will have a read.

It's hard to say if I was ok in 125mcg as I had an issue with my kidney, so was unwell anyway, but I did not feel this bad, and my feet didn't hurt!!


If you email and ask for a copy of the Pulse Online article by Dr Toft, in which he says (question 6) that some of us need a very low or suppressed TSH or the addition of some T3. Ignore his last para as it's typical of the arrogance of some in the medical profession.

Besides they have no scientific reason for adjusting our medication only to the TSH result. This is a link. It would be great if we all could find a doctor who would treat us like Dr Lowe did (see question 2 in particular)


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