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Thyroid Function Test

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Hi everyone just looking for a little bit of advice I really do not understand these tests.

I rang my GP for my blood results and was told no further action required but I don't feel great, I cannot sleep, putting on weight and my hair feels thin.

The results were as follows:-

Serum TSH Level 2.49 mU/L (0.35 - 5.5)

SERUM free T4 Level 13.1 pmol/L(10.0 -19.8)

Levo did not make me feel at all well so I changed to a natural desiccated one 2 years ago, my blood results have not changed due to this, I am taking 1.25 grain at the moment do you think I should up it? My GP will not talk to me about it as I won't take the prescribed medication, I feel much better generally on the natural one.

Any advice would be greatly received.

Thank you

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The only decent endocrinologist I've met told me I should be aiming for a TSH level of 1 or below which was excellent advice. I can feel the difference immediately when my TSH increases above this, sluggish, bags under the eyes etc; It sounds like your dose needs a slight tweak, but better to consult a decent medic if you can find one. Good luck mate.

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When taking NDT (or T3 in any form which, of course, NDT contains), then it is essential that FT3 is tested as well as TSH and FT4. FT3 is the test that tells you whether you are adequately medicated, are taking too little or too much.

Taking NDT tends to lower, even suppress TSH, and tends to lower FT4. FT3 should stay in range, so you can see why it is most important for this to be tested. Your GP wont know this, even though he isn't discussing your results with you. I'm actually surprised he's even doing the tests for you.

You are very unlikely to be able to get FT3 tested through your GP, even if he requested it then it's the lab that decides if it's carried out, usually only when TSH is suppressed (but not always).

The best thing for you to do is what hundrds of us here do and that is do your own private tests with one of our recommended labs. There are many options - basic TSH/FT4/FT3, the basic test plus antibodies, then a bundle that includes all those thyroid tests plus important vitamins and minerals which are necessary for thyroid hormone to work properly. - the full thyroid/vitamin bundle is the Thyroid Check ULTRAVIT - the full thyroid/vitamin bundle is the Thyroid Check PLUS ELEVEN - use code ENDOFYEAR for 20% discount until the end of December.

The tests can be done by fingerprick or venous blood draw at extra cost.

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