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Hashimotos T3 & Pain killers


I’ve suffering with severe pain from bursitis in my hips and shoulders. I see an orthopaedic surgeon Thursday but want to go prepared as to what pain killers I can take and if I have to wait 4 hours after taking T3?

I wait 4 hours at the moment to take aspirin and paracetamol for my constant migraine and gabapentin plus vitamins I need. I take tramadol for the pain if I’m not driving or going out. I also use a tens machine on my shoulders & hip.

I can’t take naproxen or codeine. I’m going to see if I can get slow release tramadol so I can do daily activities and hopefully sleep at night.

Any advice or suggestions on pain relief and when they can be taken? As waiting 4 hours atm is really difficult as by then my migraine has fully kicked in!

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I hope a member who has had some knowledge about what you are going through at present will respond soon.

I'm very sorry you are in pain at present.

MissFG in reply to shaws

Thanks Shaws what’s the advice for taking painkillers is there a 4 hour window we should wait or can I take them together with thyroid meds or an hour or so after?

I had Greater Trochanter Bursitis in both hips for three years and felt like an old lady ! I feel for you. Now inflammation of tendons in left foot - ouch ! I bought Osmo Patches from Oz - website of the same name - epensive but amazing. At the beginning I took a liquid NSAID but stopped when it upset my gut. I also bought a walking stick 😊 - which now stays on the back seat of the car !!

Shoulders are not brilliant. I find being careful with food is important as inflammation can spread from gut into joints. I saw an Orthopod earlier this year who said having Hashi's and Crohns was behind the Femoral Acetabular Impingement - now there's a mouthful !! I believe my weekly B12 injections help with the pain and I very rarely take other pain relief ...

Hope you soon feel better x

MissFG in reply to Marz

Thank you Marz think I might try weekly B12 injections it’s just cost but I’m taking a high dose atm. Besides pain killers it’s so difficult to get anything else prescribed on the NHS. Naproxen I won’t take as my gp won’t give me the expensive coated ones and I’m not taking more drugs to protect my stomach to take it.

I’m avoiding pain killers where I can but struggling as I need something. I’ve little or no appetite so although gluten free and usually pretty good with my diet I’ll just try to eat anything to keep my energy levels up.

I’m hoping orthopaedics will help me and get a diagnosis so rheumatology has to respond and treat me. Having bursitis / Tendonitis throughout your body can’t be normal and I’m only 45.

Marz in reply to MissFG

Conditions ending in 'itis ' - means inflammation - tonsilitis, appendicitis and so on. Its the inflammation that causes the pain as the inflamed and swollen tissue presses on nerves. Dairy and nightshade foods can be inflammatory for many.

I have read that B12 injections work better for pain relief ...

Did you look at the Osmo Patches ? Have you had x-rays done ?

MissFG in reply to Marz

I researched it well and know I suffer with inflammation and removed certain food groups from my diet. But it makes eating difficult and repetitive plus I have no real appetite.

The osmo patches are expensive but I’m always happy to give new things a try even with the mixed reviews. When your in pain or unwell anything is worth a go! The same as b12 injections are £40 a time if it’s a cost I have to incur to feel better then it’s worth it if I can afford it. But weekly would be impossible. Tbh I’d rather find a cure than treat the symptoms.

I had a hip X-ray (by my rheumatologist so waiting on Thursday to hear results from orthopaedics) but did have an mri on my thighs and pelvis in March and they only reviewed my thighs so they were looking at this again or it’s another mri. But I may need one for my shoulders and foot too 🙈 I had an mri recently on my head requested by neurologist for migraines so I’m hoping it shows up inflammation on my head / scalp. Then piecing it all together I can start getting answers. However she just wanted to focus on me being on T3 only and requested TSH & FT4 tests which I said was pointless. She knew this but I think it’s leverage to put me back to Endocrinology.

My CRP level was 45 over a year ago but wasnt considered high enough although I heard that if it’s elevated and over range whether by a smaller or larger amount the pain is just as bad.

Marz in reply to MissFG

B12 injections are not that expensive - look at the PAS Forum and ask for help - German Websites ship to the UK :-)

MissFG in reply to Marz

I struggled understanding the German on the sites to make a purchase and what I’d need but I’ll go on to the PAS forum hopefully they’ll be able to guide me thanks

Marz in reply to MissFG

There are some in English I believe :-) Good Luck !

Veesley in reply to MissFG

I find that B12 tablets work very well. I take the 1000mcg Methylcobalamin. I have for years and it keeps my B12 at optimal level. I live in Canada. B12 is on the shelves. You may have to start higher, I don't know. but B12 is water soluble and you get rid of what you don't need. So they say. Works for me and I get tested once a year. In BC Canada we have access to our tests on line, so we can manage our own health.

MissFG in reply to Veesley

Yes I’m also on them too and they keep my levels optimal

Boswillia full strength

I cannot take painkillers and have OA This was listed on the RA site as natural anti inflammatory

I was taking alovera too

For me has worked

Why don’t u try CBD oil or balm.. it helps with inflammation. I’m on gabapentin and was on oxycodon for a while and recently came off the oxycodon. But still can’t cope without gabapentin

MissFG in reply to Chavaune

I’ve tried it in lots of forms even vaping. But I couldn’t get it strong enough to be effective as like thyroid drugs you need to increase slowly and it’s expensive for the amount I need to feel a difference. I’m sure eventually the price will come down it’s still reasonably new in the uk.

I’ve made some “space” cakes recently which I just took at bed time and I felt a lot better and slept so well. I just shouldn’t have to go o those extremes. I will be asking the specialists I’m seeing for CBD oil on the NHS so hope I find one that’s willing.

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