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Blood test results


Someone asked me to post my results, following a previous post. Here is my latest tests from April 2018.

TSH 3.08. (0.27 - 4.20miu/L)

Freet4 21.2 (12.00 -22.00pmol/L)

Freet3 never tested

Ferritin never tested

Folate tested as low - 3.6 (4.60-18.70ng/mL) taking OTC folic acid supplements since 2015

B12 currently within range

Vitd3 never tested

Thank you in advance

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Do you have the ranges for these tests? they are the figures in brackets after the results.

The reason is that labs differ in their ranges and it makes it easier to respond. If you do have them, click on More and select edit and put them in.

3doorsdown in reply to shaws

Thanks for this, I didn’t know this, now included

shawsAdministrator in reply to 3doorsdown

Do you always have blood tests at the very earliest (for thyroid hormones) fasting (you can drink water) and allow a gap of 24 hours between last dose of levo and the test and take afterwards? If not this gives us the best results.

Your TSH is too high, the aim if 1 or lower. Most doctors are 'happy' if it is somewhere in the range. Your FT4 is at the top of the range, so if you didn't allow 24 hour gap it may not be accurate. I shall add in SeasideSusie as she's so good with results, especially vitamins/minerals. Also Free T3 is essential too but doctors wont do this but you can have a private one from one of our labs. B12 should always be at the upper part of the range.

3doorsdown in reply to shaws

Thank you very much, no I did not allow 24hrs, I didn't know this so really helpful. My next test is due in April 2019 so will do so then. My B12 is at the top of range.

Stourie in reply to 3doorsdown

If you aren't feeling great why don't you go and ask if you can have they tests done early as you think you may need a raise. Jo xx

3doorsdown in reply to Stourie

Thankyou, my GP is actually really good so they would repeat test, I’m not feeling too bad, my original thread was about the number of veruccas I have that won’t budge, only on my left foot, had some for 18 years, I wondered if autoimmune would be a factor. I’ll ask the practice when I have my B12 shot in Nov, see what they say then.

shawsAdministrator in reply to 3doorsdown

Ensure your April test is at the very earliest as most doctors only look at the TSH results but don't enquire if patient has symptoms. After all they seem to know none at all these days when, before blood tests, we were all diagnosed upon our clinical symptoms and given thyroid hormones (NDT). If we improved we were hypo. :)

3doorsdown in reply to shaws

Hi, I hope you don't mind me replying quite late on after your original reply. I have taken your advice and will be getting a blood test in the next week.

Just one thing you might be ebale to help with if I may ask.

In June 2016 my 75mcg of Levo was reduced to 50mcg based on results of:

T4 of 25.5 (12.0-22.0) and TSH of 0.47 (0.35-5.50).

In April 2018, retest results were:

T4 of 21.2 and TSH of 3.08 ... so of course this was still considered normal.

I now know about the fasting and leaving 24hrs between Levo dose, any other advice to discuss with GP that would be helpful for when I get results in?

Thank you

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