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More help ! Thyroid and kidney function


I posted a couple of days ago and had lots of lovely replies from people on here. I’ve now got some blood test results from 2 weeks ago. Re thyroid they are as expected because i’d Stopped taking T4, T3 and oestrogen gels about 3 weeks before these were taken. I have restarted my Levo today at 50ug. Previously I was taking 75ug Levo plus 20ug T3 and had an HRT patch. I switched to oestradiol gels and after a short time I started becoming very jittery. My endo suggested pushing my Levo up to 100 ( which I didn’t do) and not long afterwards I was feeling so unwell I stopped everything to allow all of the drugs to clear out of my system.

Most of the results are normal.

These are the abnormal ones from 2 weeks ago.

Free T3 3 range 3.1 to 6.8 pmol/L

TSH 34.5 range 0.27 to 4.20mU/L

Free T4 7.8 (10.8to 25.5) back in August it was 12.8)

Creatinine 86 range 44-80 umol/L

eGFR 59 >60 ml/min/1.73m2

( that is labelled critically abnormal)


WBC 3.7 range 4 -11 ( 10^9/L) ( in August this was 4.1)

MCV 97.4 range 78 - 97 fL ( in August this was 96.7 ( not sure what MCV is)

This does look as though my kidney function is being affected. The tests were at about 10 am and i’d had nothing to eat or drink. I’ve restarted at just 50ug Levo today but in light of these results should I push it up quickly — or take a little T3 as well ?

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Actually WBC and MCV are the other way round ! 2 weeks ago 4.1 and 96.7. Seem to be within range. Back in August they were 3.7 and 97.4. Nobody mentioned those to me so can’t be significant.

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