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Red patch of skin maybe rash on neck


I have been struggling with Hashimoto thyroid issues for almost 2 years. I now am being treated by a functional medicine doctor. She has me on armour thyroid and taking monolaurin to help with the active Ebstein Barr Virus. I have been noticing a red patch of skin on the front side of my neck about the middle and down. A little inflamed too. Does anyone know if this is indicative of my thyroid issues?

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Strength and Sympathy to You . Having Hashimoto has it's challenges . I heard that many with Hashimoto don't do well with NDT . They do much better with synthetic T-3 and T-4 you might want to sort it out for yourself which works best for you . Selenium could be very helpful too . As is going Gluten Dairy Sugar Free .

SlowDragon has Great Post on the Benefits of Gluten Dairy Free Diet and more .

SeasideSusie has Excellent Posts on Nutrients that are so very valuable for us and helps with our thyroid meds work better for us .

Best Wishes on your next steps .

KelAnglin in reply to jgelliss

Thank you for the information

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