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Hashimotos and neck rash/tingling/pain


Hi all.

I have unmedicated Hashimotos (my levels are “normal” apparently). I had a baby 8 months ago and my thyroid has been all over the place since as expected. I frequently have thyroid pain overnight and often wake up with worse thyroid symptoms during the night. Last night I woke about 2am and my thyroid was very painful and kind of buzzing. Well this morning I have this rash on my neck right ehymy thyroid is located. It’s not itchy and definitely not an allergic reaction. My thyroid is still uncomfortable today too. Has anyone ever seen anything like this? The rash isn’t itchy or raised. It just looks to me like inflammation.

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Hello, yes, I had that. I took a photo of it too. It was before I got diagnosed with underactive thyroid and Hashimoto’s. I had a TSH of around 5 for at least 3 years but was never told. (I only know because I requested all my test results online last month). I haven’t had that since I started on meds for the thyroid. (Levo Thyroxine first 2 years and added T3 recently).

My thought is it’s your body not being able to regulate temperature or all those annoying antibodies having a go at your thyroid.

Maybe you could ask for all your test results over the last few years? If they won’t test you properly, look on seaside suzies posts and find a list of what you need checked and if possible do a private blood test.

Hope that helps a bit. 😊

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Thank you very much for


I've read recently that a skin rash is one of the many possible symptoms of hypothyroidism. Ask the doctor if you can have a trial of T4. I am still classed as "Subclinical", in spite of very "Clinical" symptoms, because my T4 was still within range, though TSH rather high, but was eventually given a trial of Levothyroxine. I'm still in the process of getting it adjusted to a good level, but it has certainly helped.

The only thing is that if you are breastfeeding it might mean you can't be given extra thyroxine, not sure about that.

Did you tell your doctor of recent symptoms? Any blood test results (with ranges) that you can post here?

Have you had a scan?

Paolatello in reply to Hidden

Thanks for your message. My tsh is always low in range but my free T3 and free T4 change a lot. Most recently my free T3 was 4 in a range of 3.5-6.5. Sometimes it’s slightly higher. My free T4 was 14 in a range of 12-22.

I’ve had plenty of scans and biopsies because I have a 3cm nodule. The nodule biopsied clear for cancer. My TPO antibodies are normally out of range and vary all the time. Most recently they were 77 in a range of less than 50 but they’ve been as high as 1500

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