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Medicheck results


Hi all just received results back from medicheck. This is after 6 weeks of 100mg of teva levothyroxine. Been using better you iron spray aswell for a week or so. Pleased with my thyroid results but obviously not my antibody results that confirm hasimotos. Would my antibodies fall the longer I continue treatment ? Or would I have to go gluten free aswell ? Recommendation for a book on gluten or paleo diet if possible ? Also a good vitamin d supplement. Have just been given ferrous sulphate off the doc should I avoid and keep using better you spray?

Thanks for any advice

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It is said that gluten-free reduces antibodies. I've never seen any proof that convinces me. But, even if you do manage to reduce your antibodies, you will still have Hashi's. There is no cure for that. It's just that a lot of Hashi's people are also gluten-sensitive, so cutting out the gluten makes them feel better.

Jonpaul0_1 in reply to greygoose

I personally don't experience symptoms from eating gluten based foods although having a bowel disease aswell I tend to eat foods not to irritate that !! Have read a lot of people with high antibodies are advised to go gluten free but if there is no evidence to back that up then I guess it's a personal choice ?? The doc from medichecks did say don't eat eggs or dairy or spinach which you can on a gluten free so it's conflicting advice ?!?

greygoose in reply to Jonpaul0_1

Well, as I said, a lot of people feel better on gluten-free. And, before they try it, they don't even realise they have symptoms.

What's wrong with eggs, dairy and spinach, then?

I would definitely invest some time in listening to Medical Medium podcasts on autoimmunity and the link below. My sister had full blown lupus just a year ago. We see an integrative doctor that fixed my thyroid and my sistser has no antibodies anymore. Our doctor runs on the lines of believing the same as medical medium in that your body is not attacking itself in autoimmunity, it's attacking a pathogen. Epstein-Barr is mostly to blame (mono virus). After about 8 months on an anti-viral regimen, I'm feeling alot healthier, have lowered levels of the virus, and have stopped getting recurring UTI's. My sister got rid of all antibodies for lupus as I said. She was on glutathione injections, is on low-dose naltrexone (very interesting to look into), and others. I personally take olive leaf extract, oregano oil, and colloidal silver mostly to lower my viral load.

Look into low-dose naltrexone. Integrative doctors are starting to use this.

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