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What do I do next?


Hi all, after months of going backwards and forwards and now being signed off work for the second time, my doctor has finally agreed to refer me to a private endo, although she stated clearly that this was a waste of my money. Whilst I was at the practise she suggested doing another set of blood tests so that they were up to date for the appointment. I still feel extremely fatigued and anxious, have very sore muscles and struggle with brain fog. Based on my results, should I be asking for another dose increase? I am considering getting the Medi checks ultra vit test so that all of the recommended tests are done, or will they do this in the private clinic?


Thyroid peroxidase ab conc 462.8U/ml (<9)


TSH 5.58mU/L (.35-5.5)

Free T4 9pmol/L (7-17)

Serum folate 8.4ug/L (>3)

Serum B12 194ng/L (150-900)- was 171 on 4th of May


TSH 1.67

Receptionist couldn’t tell me T4

Serum folate 6.1

Serum B12 436 ( I had only taken a supplement the night before, could this be falsely high?)

Sorry for the lengthy post, any advice would be great.

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Forgot to say, I am on 75mcg of levothyroxine as of the 28th of August

Yes, your B12 is a false high. When you saw that low B12 in the first test, your doctor should have tested you for Pernicious Anemia BEFORE you started supplementing. You would have to be off the supplements for 5 months, now, to get a true reading.

You have Hashi's, and your TSH is over-range, why wouldn't your GP increase your dose? You are under-medicated.

And, spending your money on 'alternative treatments' would be wasting it! There is no cure for Hashi's. Read the comments on this post :


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