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Latest blood results. Comments please.

Tsh <0.005 (0.27-4.20)

Ft4 18.6 (12.0-22.0)

Ft3 6.99 (3.10-6.80)

I am currently taking 3 grains of thiroid ndt. Dose split previous day at 2 3/4 am 1/4 9pm. Blood drawn at 9 am. I usually take all of my dose when I wake. I do find that I feel a bit wired at night when I split my dose like this. I generally feel good although still tired after lunch fo a few hours.

I am planning to drop down to 2 3/4 tomorrow.

Comments please.

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I would say that I agree with reducing your NDT by 1/4 grain, see how you feel after a few weeks and what your results are then.

I take it all your nutrient levels are optimal.


I've not checked nutrients since I've beenon ndt so will check them at next blood test.


Hopefully see this afternoon :)

I have an extremely casual attitude to slightly over range blood tests like this. I think what you should do completely depends on symptoms, and the secondary consideration of whether there's anything you'd like to test out.

If you feel completely well on this dose, you'd be fine to stay on it. If you feel like you've got room for improvement, you could move it up or down depending on other things you've tried.

I think going down by a quarter is a completely reasonable option. Make sure you get accuracy notes about all your symptoms at your current dose so that you'll have something to compare it with. Give the new dose a nice long trial of 6 weeks-ish or more, and then see if you can feel any difference between the two.

With regard to splitting dose, I now take mine in 3 doses, which I worked out by complete trial and error, noticing how I felt as different times of the day. I'm now considering a slight increase to my 8pm dose because I find I'm getting headaches and nausea shortly before bed .

Am I right in thinking you take most of your dose in the morning, and then a quarter at night? If you're feeling at your worst after lunch, maybe you could move the little dose to another part of the day? An hour before lunch maybe? Or sometime mid afternoon? Or have a quarter at both times if the evening dose is specifically to tackle symptoms at night.

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Thanks Louise. Your such a rebel. 😁


Hehe, I try my best :)


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