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Due to having sensitivities and increasing reactions and side affects to Mercury phamra and levo I have come off both medications as I was so ill iav not beable to work and started to try holistic supplements.

Has anyone tried nutri vitamins nutri-thyroid and t convert and any of the adrenal supplements as I am unsure what a suitable Conversion is from levo and liothyronine.

From a previous dose of

75/50 t4 - a few years ago

50/62.5 t4 and 5/10t3 (I can only tolerate perrigo now (mayne pharma) but unfortunately Iam in a battle to get it prescribed through an endocrinologist as they took it off me in May and made me take mercury pharma and that's when I got even illier, I have took perrigo on its own and felt amazing so I know this is unfortunately the only brand I seem to not be sensitive too.

At the moment current dose of supplements is:

Nutri thyroid 2 tablets

T convert 2tablets

Adrenomax 1 tablet

Nutri adrenal 1tablet

I have contacted thyro gold and they suggested to take 2 tablets of the nutri thyroid equivalent to 75 of levo.

But would to know if any one else has had success with holistic supplements as they get good reviews.

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I am doing well on thyrogold and take a couple of nutri adrenal advanced daily, they keep the health wolves at bay although I still struggle with some issues as a result of long term medical neglect re my thyroid. A lot of peopleon this froum take Natural dessicated thyroid extract and thier is a large number of different brands. Thyroid patients are very sensitive to fillers, it is not uncommon at all to have the kind of reactions you are having. It is very much a matter of trial and error and can affect people on more natural substances as well. It is a shame that your endo is being so unhelpful but it seem to be part of thier job description to ignore everything we say.

Merlio18 in reply to Hidden

It's def part of there job to be ignorant and dismiss everything its a joke tbh I had a severe reaction to Mercury Pharma and been really iIl since changing brands when perrigo got blacklisted in June and took loads of photos and even ended up ringing 111, spoke to a nurse who was urging me to go to a n e and he still dismissed me and told me he thought it was anxiety?!? Even though I had photos of my face swollen and puffy and I literally had all symptoms of a severe reaction. I was just stunned and fuming that he could be that inconsiderate and so narrowed minded. He's Delusional and ignorant makes me wonder why do they even go into this industry because there actually making people ill not well.

Is thyro-gold stronger than nutri thyroid has its similar dosage and Ingredients, what medication/ dose where you on previously and what are you taking now? As I am trying to figure out how to transfer over to a suitable dose.

What symptoms do you still struggle with at the moment?

iav have abit of angina and tingles in my hands and brain fog all other symptoms have reduced alot in last few days I think levo literally just makes me feel so ill and been on it 11 years and been diagnosed with Me and fibro and Iam only 31 and then a few weeks ago I had had enough and had a few reactions so came off it and suddenly realised there was a connection and I was more than likely sensitive to the ingredients, craziness that that's not the first thing they rule out, especially with it being an autoimmune condition aswell.

Hidden in reply to Merlio18

I have just looked through my old messages as I thought I had one about thyrogold dose eqivilents somewhere but unable to find.I think Oneof the 300mg caps around 100mg of levo but not sure. If you email Tammy at thyrogold she can give you a clear idea.I think that yes thyrogold has higher levels of hormone than nutrithyroid. There is also a product called Metavive available from uk but only comes in small doses so you would need to take a lot of caps every day. Metavive and thyrogold have low levels of additives and are very natural.There is a 'stop the thyroid madness book and website. the website has a list of additives is in thyroid meds that is often updated.It might be worth you finding out what actual additive it was in the levo that you are allergic too. Brands such as 'nature thyroid' seem to be good for sensitive people. There really is no suc thing a fibro and ME these are just poorly treated thyroid disease and only emerged when the TSh test was introduced.The TSH test is not a good diagnostic tool and being treated according to it leaves huge numbersof people feeling very unwell. Your fatigue and angina should get better with improved treatment.

Often seeing endos seems to make things worse and ties the hands of GPs even furthur. You might have been better discussing your alergic reaction with a sympathetic GP but now your endo has probably written to the practice stating that the probs are in your head you might struggle to get them to prescribe something more helpful.

I think it would be really helpful if you put up another postwith your lastest and previous blood results and list of symptoms as well as pulse and temperature for people to comment.I think there is a lot going on here as well as the allergy and it would be good to have a fuller picture to enable us to see if we can help optimise your treatment.

I think the only thing we can do as patients about the appauling way endos often treat us is to stop seeing them. They need to find themselves redundant and we should stop proping them up by attending thier appointments.

I don’t know the answer to your question but have tried nitro adrenal and nutrithyroid in the past. These were in addition to t4 and t3 and I felt better than I had in a long time. Can’t remember why I stopped but am thinking to start that regime again. I’m also very sensitive to brand probably the fillers. I’ve have found perrigo t3 to be the only one I can tolerate. I thought that since Mayne took it over that it was no longer available? Have you been able to get it?

Merlio18 in reply to lolajone

Hi what do you take now with being sensitive? I do feel better on the nutri advanced supplements but with coming of levo and liothyronine and only being on them a few days bit nervous as to what's ahead, no I haven't been able to get mayne pharma because it's blacklisted so nhs is reluctant to prescribe but you can get mercury pharma through an endocrinologist with loads of fillers and inactive ingredients it doesn't make sense. Iam wondering if I get health insurance will it cover me for a private consultation with it being a long term health condition I doubt it which is a shame as they can prescribe what they want.

Haven't tried Nutri Thyroid although have been considering it as taking Nutri Adrenal with no issues and seems to be helping. Did build up slowly as very sensitive - currently taking 5 tabs (3 first thing and 2 before lunch). Can't take Nutri Adrenal Extra as not grain-free. Originally recommended Adrenavive II and Metavive I but weren't really suiting me and I became more sensitive so changed to Nutri Ad. and ARG Thyroid (looking for a better option as can't take enough of that to be useful, either). Not yet tried NDT and no diagnosis so no Levo.

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