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TEVA + Mercury Pharma

Read many reports of people having issues when on TEVA Levo so requested my pharmacy only supply me with Mercury Pharma or Wockhartt Levo. This has been working fine until yesterday when I collected my latest prescription and found 2 boxes of TEVA. My pharmacy had previously advised me to open my meds before leaving as once they have left the premises they are unable to swap them. Thanksfully I did this yesterday and found TEVA.

The assistant was very apologetic, and happy to swap the TEVA for Mercury Pharma, but on looking on her system Mercury Pharma 50mg(?) was no longer listed on any of their suppliers. The pharmacy is a Cornwells Chemist one. In the end I managed to get 5 boxes of 25's and will make up my 75 dose that way, bu is there a problem with Mercury Pharma 50s at the moment does anyone know? The pharmacy were really helpful so I don't think they are having me on that Mercury Pharma isn't available.

Is there an issue with the supply of Mercury pharma 50 s at the moment does anyone know, and if there is, what other brand is similar/the same? I'm definitely not going to risk TEVA!

As my prescription is electronic from my Docs direct to the pharmacy I don't know how I would try another one?


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I had a problem getting mercury pharma in 50mcg a couple of months ago, I changed over to actavis which suits me ok.

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Check with the pharmacist as I think that all prescriptions state levo and not a 'name' and you can ask pharmacist to prescribe one you'd like to try without the need to go to the doctor.


The pharmcist is always really helpful. The problem is that Mercury Pharma 50's aren't in the catalogue to enable them to order them for me even if they wanted too. It's not making sense why to be honest!


I have mercury and am currently taking 2x25 in place of 50.

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No problem with Mercury 50mcg as far as I know. You can check with

It's probably cheaper for the distributor to source 50mcg Teva and that's why 50mcg MP is not available. You might want to arrange to collect your prescription from the GP practice so you can take it to another pharmacy if your pharmacy is unable to dispense 50mcg MP.

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Thanks. I'll speak to the pharmacy again closer to my next renewal to see if they can get Mercury pharma and if not will do as you suggest,


You are right that many people have reported issues with Teva levothyroxine (in the UK).

What needs to be remembered is that at least some people have said that Teva works well for them. It is not a foregone conclusion that you won't tolerate it. However, I really do understand that no-one wants to go through any such issues.

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I always have trouble getting any dose of Mercury Pharma. It's the only one I can tolerate and brand is written on my prescription

Boots refuses to supply and is the only chemist within 10 miles

I therefore have to pick up real physical prescription and usually have to ring around. Can take ages to find.

Now prescription only lasts 2 months (ridiculous) have to repeat same farce regularly

Recently found a very helpful small independent pharmacy. They also get Mercury Pharma in for another patient, so hopefully sorted.


@SlowDragon. when Tescos ordered Mercury Pharma T4 I was told they come in a pot of 1000 so they keep it in stock for me, So maybe some pharmacists don't like ordering that many,

Mine are 100mgs they used to come in blister pack

I wonder if the Gps could write you up for 1000 of them they maybe easier to supply it to you then,.

Im going to ask my GP to do that if he can as at the moment I only get 28 days of Levo and Liothyronine,I thought they had to give you at least 3 months worth and especially with Mercury pharma T3 being difficult to get hold of and now looking like T4 is going the same way .

I can understand why the NHS are trying too cut buying Mercury Pharma but at the sometime they have to realise some of us only do well on that brand so not fair on us :(

I may ask for 3-6 months if this is allowed ?


I do better on Mercury Pharma but Activis was ok it did the job and didn't make me seriously ill Like Teva did

I would not touch Teva products with a barge pole as it caused me to have shoulder Pain , I ended up in hospital loss of use of left leg which lucky I have got most of feeling back in leg, and many more problems and to many to write down on here.

, I would rather not take any T3 or T4 than have to trust any products by Teva again

It does keep turning up in my bag of drugs but I give it straight back. I tell them every time ive had adverse reactions but they never seem to listen,

I thought pharmacists were supposed to be on the ball but not here they are not

Teva T4 and T3 must be the cheapest but it appears it is the worst brand by all the comments i see on here! .


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