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Nutri Ltd

I read a lot of stories about how dr P prescribes people adrenal supplements from Nutri Ltd.

I have also heard that a lot of people have positive experience from seeing dr P.

I have booked an appointment with Dr P myself, however the more time I spent on trying to find information about Nutri Ltd where adrenal supplements come from the more suspicious and worried I feel about the whole Nutri Ltd thing...

I am looking for help desperately, and I show signs of adrenal fatigue listed by Dr P and other experts, however I find it scary to buy and use a product from a company that have no official website and use different names such as Nutri, Nutri West, Nurti Advanced, Nutri Ltd....

What is going on??

Why Nutri has got no official website despite being on the market since 1981 ( as quoted in some online health supplements store?)

I need help and I do not know what to do ????

I do not mean to offend anybody, but simply I do not understand how Nutri is functioning?

I am wondering what everyone things about the subject.


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Maybe wait until you see Dr P and ask him the questions that are troubling you. Maybe look at and look at the Metabolic Chart that compares Adrenal symptoms with Thyroid ones. You just tick the relevant boxes and add up the scores.

Sorry I can't help with the questions on Nutri - even though I use some of their products. I just trusted Dr P.


Hi Edysia

I first consulted Dr P several years ago and still take Nutri Adrenal in a very low dose. He usually recommends that you treat adrenal exhaustion before treating the thyroid. The problem you are experiencing when searching for Nutri Ltd is that they only sell directly to practitioners and so their website is difficult to access. However, if you go to you will find an article on the Thyroid Patient Advocacy site about how you can purchase Nutri products at a discount. Hope that helps.



The Nutri Centre stock nutri products - amongst many others and you can also earn Tesco Clubcard points.

Members of THYROID UK can get a discount from Nutri Centre and also Vitabiotics:

For more information about membership to THYROID UK (the charity running this online community)




This appears to be their website:




I have taken Nutri Ltd products and belive that they are a different organisation to Nutri West and possibly to Nutri Advanced.

I too trusted Dr P as he is very knowledgeable and very caring :) Although he can't prescribe, he can tell you to get hold of what ever you need e.g. Armour Thyroid. I agree with nbd above and think the cost is very similar between private prescription and buying it yourself. x


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