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Help with bloods


Hi I hope someone can help so frustrated, had my bloods done in may came back normal, so I had my hair tested myself came back low thyroid low adrenals and metabolic rate with low potassium and sodium so I've changed my diet.

Had bloods done last week see pics I do feel better but still struggle with my nerves heat sensitivity and brain fog etc anxiety according to the Dr I'm fine no issues with thyroid but don't feel fine at all, seems as if I've got limited energy and feel a nervous train wreck no one seems to understand any help as to how I can treat try and recover many thanks brian...

Serum b12 315ngl

Folate 11.3

Serum tsh 0.98

Vitamin d 90nmol

A1c 36mmol

Cerum c reactive protein 1mgl

Immunoglobs g. 11.9

A 2.26gl

M 1.04gl

Magnesium .085mmol

Tissue transglutaminase 0.3

Sodium 143mmol

Pottasium 4.1mmol

Creatine 88umol

Gfr mdrd 81ml

Alkaline phoshatase 53iul

Alanine aminotransferase 19iul

Total bilirubin 11umol

Total protein level 74gl

Albumin 42gl

Calcium 2.38

Inorganic phosphate 0.90mmol

Calcium concentration 2.38

This is what they checked in still struggling with fatigue and bad anxiety very nervous lack of concentration depressed

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Please add ranges (figures in brackets after each result)

Every lab has different ranges

Owlsy in reply to SlowDragon

Ok will do thanks


I'm sorry I cannot respond to your vitamins/mineral results as I don't know enough.

I cannot read your post clearly.

You need a Full Thyroid Function Test which is:-

TSH, T4, T3, Free T4, Free T3 and thyroid antibodies. If antibodies are present you should be prescribed.

We have private labs which will do the tests for your. They are home pin-prick tests so make sure you are well hydrated a couple of days before blood draw. Make sure you are well-hydrated a couple of days before and if you were taking thyroid hormones you'd allow a 24 hour gap between last dose and test and take afterwards.

You need TSH, T4, T3, Free T4, Free T3 and thyroid antibodies. If antibodies are present, you should be prescribed.

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