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Coping with papillary thyriod cancer stage 2


I was diagnosed with thyriod cancer April 2018. I had full neck dissection, full thyroidectomy, lump removed and lymph nodes removed. I went on to have iodine in isolation. In Aug 2018 I was told it had spread to my lungs and chest and having to wait till November to see what the next steps are...... it's hard living and not knowing as I struggled not seeing my son for 2 weeks and still have limited movement in my right arm.

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I'm sending you a hug and hope that you are on the road to recovery very soon. I don't have any personal experience of your situation but I'm sure others more knowledgable will soon respond.

I'm sorry you've needed treatment for thyroid cancer. It's hard living not knowing what is happening next and what the outcome will be of each test and check. Have you also contacted Butterfly Thyroid Cancer Trust? There is some support available through the organisation. If you pop an email through I'm sure they'll get back to you but stay on this forum too for support from members.

Hang on to the fact that papillary thyroid cancer is generally slow growing and treatment is known to be successful. It's early days and it will take time to get your strength back and hormones balanced.

Can you ask for some physiotherapy for your arm? Otherwise you might find that a wheatbag with gentle heat helps as self treatment. Have you got good family help and support?

Nicnac81 in reply to Nanaedake

Thanks for reply

I have amazing support and yes physio every 3 weeks.

Just struggling to get head around everything plus back at work too x

Nanaedake in reply to Nicnac81

Be kind to yourself and if you find you're not coping with work, plan some time off by discussing with your manager, HR or occupational health. Thyroid imbalance can make life and work feel stressful even without the added aspect of cancer diagnosis.

So sorry you are having to wait so long for your next appointment. Do you have someone who could help with obtaining an earlier one ?

Wishing you wellness soon .

Hi Nicnac, I am very sorry to read your post. While you are in early stages and it is papilloma cancer (i.e. very survivable) have a look into immunotherapy, just Google "immunotherapy" and you will find dozens of references. You have probably heard of the process, it injects a different type of virus which stimulates your own immune system to attack any foreign "elements" in your body (like cancer cells). They have got it to a stage where they can pin point certain viruses to attack specific cancers. I am not sure if they have one that attacks Papilloma but you can easily research that. Good luck to you Nicnac, this is an unusual circumstance.

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