(No related to thyriod) but throat infection!

(No related to thyriod) but throat infection!

Please help!! I started to have sore throat 3 days before. It wasn't that bad so I started gargling with warm water with salt in it. Then it got bit worse, so I happened to see a doctor. He put me on Augmentin 625 mg, Denzen DS and Biodic. It used for one day in the morning and night. But at night it worsened to the point where I couldn't even sleep, had dry throat, shooting pain even with swallowing of my own saliva, couldn't even drink a sip of water or eat a lil slice of bread. Next day, i saw my doctor he increased the augmentin to 1gm twice a day (after noticing small blisters on my throat due to which I was having itchy and dry throat) with same other meds that include denzen ds and biodic. Yesterday, I had a dose of augmentin 1gm as prescribed. But then again at night it became so worse that I couldn't even sleep and was up all night due to intense pain in my throat. When I took the photo of my throat, I found out that those lil blisters on my throat has been increased and gained the size aswell. Please see attached picture I just took it now. Please help and advise if things are out of danger. I'm very scared actually and I am on soup and maggi only. Other than that can't eat nothing. Please let me know if it really works this way. I mean will it be healed after those meds that i mentioned? Is it normal when one has throat infection? Please please help. Thanks

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  • Many infections are now resistant to the common antibiotics that are used to treat them. There is an immune boosting home remedy called Fire Cider that I fermented for a friend of mine who had a chronic infection unfortunately it take about 4-6 weeks to ferment it. Some other herbal remedies that may help - raw manuka honey - honey is known for its antimicrobial properties and manuka is also antimicrobial. Apple cider vinegar.

    Another thing I have been focusing on is low grade chronic infection as the root causal factor for many chronic diseases we see on the rise. I looked up streptococcus and thryroid. I found a doctor discussing the connection to Hashimotos and chronic undiagnosed infection. I don't know if you have Hashimoto's or another thyroid issue. But you might want to look at this

    Dr. Nikolas R. Hedberg

    Hashimoto’s disease is the most common autoimmune disease in the world and it is also the most common cause of hypothyroidism. Conventional medicine doesn’t offer treatment for Hashimoto’s other than prescription thyroid hormone which doesn’t address the autoimmunity. Autoimmune diseases are skyrocketing and one of the most common and overlooked causes of these conditions are infections.

  • You might like to read Anthony William's book the Medical Medium or certainly Google "Thyroid Mysteries Goop "where it tells us about Thyroid problems especially Hashimotos and its cause , which incidentally isn't the body attacking itself but the pathogen Epstein Barr Virus . Oh and if you aren't religious just fast forward the bits about how he started . The rest is very interesting .

  • Thanks for the reply and recommendations. I would love to read Anthony Williams. :)

  • Dr. Hedberg,

    Many thanks for the detailed reply. Although I haven't had any past history for Hashimoto's. I'm a 29-year-old 5ft10 and weigh about 76 kilogram. I go for bodybuilding thrice or 4 x a week and was doing absolutely well. Was sober for about 15 months. Started to smoke on New Year's eve and then had been smoking for 3 months. Although 15 months ago I quit smoking cuz I had chest infection. Was put on meds for 2-3 weeks. Since then I was not smoking. This is the only medical history that i have in the past. Other than that was doing great. I used to lift heavy weights and was taking Whey Gold Standard protein supplement post workout. (No steroids ever).

  • The Augmentin has reduced her thyroid hormone which is why she isn't responding I believe - this happens to me when I take an anti biotic and I have to up my dosage slightly to accommodate.

  • Is it a Glandular fever( Epstein Barr Virus ) flare up , your very sore throat ? And has you GP swabbed your throat / and or drawn bloods ?

    Also you might like to read Anthony William's article The Mysteries of Thyroid Goop

    He has also written a book "The Medical Medium " if you are not religious fast forward the how he started bit ...... the theory itself is very interesting !

  • Will I really have to draw my blood reports?

  • Get Manuka honey at Least 15+ strength but 25+ is much better and take 2 desert spoons in some warm water with a teaspoon of lemon juice 3 times daily. You should feel benefit immediately and take until throat clears. I take 10 - 12+ Manuka honey daily (1 teaspoon daily before breskfast) and haven't had flu or a really bad cold for many years and cannot remember the last time I needed an anti-biotic . I hope you feel better soon. Loraine

  • Loraine,

    Spot on! I'm definitely gonna try it. Not only until it gets fine, but I would also try to use it later on. Thanks

  • Your very welcome Sheeraz and manuka honey is fab as a topical ointment for burns, cuts & grazes. I often burn myself on the stove or get steam burns when ironing laundry and I run affected area under cold water for about 12 minutes then apply manuka honey straight from the jar and let it melt into the wound. It is anti bacteria and it heals quickly and almost always without scaring. Google it, it is great stuff. :)

  • Wow just wow. Thanks for the share. God bless you.

  • It may well be viral, in which case the augmentin will do nothing other than cause thrush. I had something similar at Christmas, anything I swallowed was like knives down my throat. It did go after a few days. I didn't want to eat, drink or swallow my own saliva - or speak (so hubby thought it was a mixed blessing!)

    If you cannot drink then you may become dehydrated. If you stop weeing, or what comes out goes very dark brown go to A and E.

  • You got it absolutely right, I would say I am going thru 100% as you went thru. So shall i stop taking augmentin 1gm?

  • No, because once you start you need to finish the course to make sure that any buggies that are in there are killed without the chance to develop resistance. Augmentin is pretty effective because in addition to the antibiotic it contains some stuff that is supposed to stop them becoming resistant. It is in everyone's interest, including your own, that Augmentin remains effective.

    The counsel of perfection would be for you to buy a good quality probiotic like Biokult and take that for a month when your AB course has finished to repopulate your gut. Plus lots of yoghurt, fermented veggies like Kimche or sauerkraut, and kefir. All are good sources of friendly bacteria.

    So if it is viral your immune system will eventually wake up and do its job and deal with it. I was travelling at the time, and eventually decided a week later to send Hubby out for some surface anaesthetic which made a huge difference. He came back (it was Bank Holiday again) with Tyrozets lozenges, and I got instant relief, I consumed a whole tube, so that suggests I kept taking them till I had been ill for a fortnight. There is also a spray, reputed to taste foul but work really well called Chloraseptic. Its the same active ingredient.

  • Great. Thankyou so much for the detailed reply. Really appreciate it.

  • In US you can also get Chloraseptic Lozenges which are much nicer than the Spray, which nearly chokes me. Think it is the same as Strepsils, but suits me better. Wish we could get the Chloraseptic Lozenges in UK.

  • Can u tell me plz on which meds were u put on back then?

  • Apart from the Tyrozets I took paracetomol but didn't visit the doctor. I was fairly sure it was a virus and took the view I should keep away from people I could infect other than the plane load of folk on the plane home, and all those folk at the airport. Sorry! but I had to get home to my own bed and my dogs! It was the Xmas holiday, and I didn't think the doctor would be keen to see me to tell me it was a virus and he'd seen dozens with it!

    Luckily my pregnant daughter didn't catch it! There were two throat things going around at the time, and many of the family, including hubby, had the milder version. Maybe they were related and having the mild one protected against the vicious one? Needless to say I only developed symptoms a day after I (and 20 other family members) arrived, and I would have been at my most infectious for those 24 hours.

  • Amazing to know that you didn't see the doc instead of using meds o.t.c. and got over it. I wish I could have posted it at first point when I had the symptoms and would have used those meds, as you perfectly got my condition.

  • Well, I am probably older than you, so have a better idea of the difference between bacterial and viral infections. And remember that for the first few days it would have been A & E in a foreign country where my language is limited, so I really needed to feel sure it was worth going.

    If I had got it wrong I would no doubt have suffered a great deal. The shame is that your doc didn't consider a virus as a possibility.

  • Your throat looks awful and I am very sorry for you. Phone and leave a message for your GP, saying that the medications don't seem to be working and your throat pain is worse.

  • Hi! Yes it is :(

    Many thanks for your concerns. I will do that.

  • I suggest u go to A and E urgently as this looks like a strep throat and u have to be careful re Sepsis today . Obviously the antibiotic is not working u need to ask the hospital for a throat swab to see which bug it is -please got to A and E

  • I hope the moderator puts my previous message on as urgently as possible re going to A & E - here is something else I am adding - Augmentin can reduce thyroid hormone which is why you probably aren't responding - you really must go to A&E - they need to do a swab to see what throat bug it is - and to protect you from Strep throat - which could turn into something even more serious like Sepis. No amount of salt gargles or anything else will help you ................you need expert help.

  • I haven't read the responses but I would gargle with diluted apple cider vinegar from the healthfood store or if your doctor will give you nystatin suspension, it might help.

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