Hi I have been diagnosed with under active thyroid I have been given levothyroxine 50mg to try sorting the levels I've been I having constant diorria majority of the time I used to spend on the toilet so when I had the tablets after about two weeks I stopped going to the toilet so frequently so to examine I stopped taking them for two days to see and I'm constant toilet stomach bloatation the lot feel sick depressed what can I do to help my self. My weoght is going really big which is scaring me I've just gone from small to big without no food change please reply back if u can help

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  • Without thyroid it is common to stack on the weight. Once you have been on the thyroxin for 6-8 weeks, had a few blood tests and got the dose right, hopefully you will stablize. Keep an eye out for the side effects of thyroxin Some people like me don't tolerate it very well but it is early days for you. You also want to confirm you're not an undiagnosed coeliac (blood test). Many on this forum lost their thyroid because of autoimmune disease (hashimoto's disease) - very common this age of excess GM, pestersides, pollution, cleaning products, makeup, hormones, stress, etc

    Get full bloods on VitB, B12, VitD, Iron, T3, T4, TSH, Free T4, etc (keep copies of all blood tests at home on file) - don't accept "you are within rage statement from GP". Example 300 for B12 is within range but you will have allsorts of nervous aliments, you need to be 900-1000. Get plenty of magnesium (I use Mega Magnesium) be careful of Iodine unless you can see a deficiency in the blood tests.

    Look after yourself, no late nights in bed with iPad.

    Get 20-40 minutes real (slightly red in the face) exercise perday Take up swimming or something new.

    Try and reduce stress, but don't be a princess about it, some stress is good.

    Eat home made food with as little as possible food numbers (Additives) . Lots of leafy green vegies (half a bag of baby silverbeet leaves, 2-3 eggs, small bit of bacon and cheese all stired up and left to cook in a omelet is my daily breakfast). Grass fed meat, potato's, cheese, dried fruit, eggs, nuts, carrots, homas etc.

    Try and enjoy yourself.


  • Hi they checked me for celiac and I didn't have it. I've got low iron and vitamin d so.I'm having dosea for them how about exercise what type of ecerise can I do. I'm like 14 stone and 5 foot 4 what types of exercise can I do for.breasts do they all link in my doctor said there pint me trying to.loose weight untI'll my thyroid level is ok

  • Exercise releases endorphins that make you feel good - I swim 3 times a week for about 30 minutes. But whatever works for you. And never say "My Doctor said" - unless your doctor has a thyroid condition personally - they know nothing

  • Hi so what about breathing my ears and nose are blocked out I cNt here much I've got temera ture ad I feel suffocated

  • Your doctor isn't far off in this instance, exercise can deplete your levels even more and use up your stores, until you get your iron etc up to an optimum level forget about physical exercise . Gentle stretches etc are good until you get your vits at the right place

  • As Whisper and your doctor says you will not lose any weight until you are optimally treated. There are some good doctors about but sadly they are few and far between.

    Jo xx

  • you need to go strictly wheat and gluten free for starters

    its vital that




    vit d3

    are all tested because unless they are all at least halfway in their ranges your body simply cannot make use of the levothyroxine

  • Hi they already tested me for vitamin d and iron I'm low on both so am on tablets for them aswell

  • eat liver its far better at raising ferritin bcos it has the correct form of vit A which is needed to absorb iron

  • reallyfedup123,

    Can you help with a link or two about vitamin A and iron absorption, please?

  • if i can find one i will ...i only got that bit of info from another forum

    apparently the vit a we think of in carrits is not the same form as in liver and thats the key to raising ferritin quicker than with iron tablets

  • Well aware that betacarotene is not vitamin A. Hypothyroidism can result in lower conversion from betacarotene to vitamin A, hence effectively low vitamin A even when the raw material is present in abundance, or even excess (as in hypercarotenemia).

    Important claims really do require evidence or at least pointers.

  • So what about my breasts will they reduce once my level goes normal like my whole body weight is a lot I'm 20 and I fit into size 18 that's scarey

  • Once you are optimally treated your breasts will probably go down in size the same as your body.

    Jo xx

  • Once your levels are working well you will possibly lose inflammation and any retained water weight. That's when you can concentrate on reducing fat by healthy eating and introducing exercise. I went from a size 8/10 to a 14 so I know it's a bit of a shock, and I'm still not comfortable in myself st this size I am in proportion so have to resign myself to the fact that it's not going to change much now. Patience is what you need to practice as it's a long journey to recovery for most

  • Hi yep and recently I hve started feeling dizzy even whilst sat down is that included in

  • Hi I've got a update I have gained a lot of weight I feel soo big and please help me also I have blood test on tuesday

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