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t4/t3 ratio when on levo along with t3


I had to stop taking NDT because it made me so angry and irritable unless I took such a small dose that I just stayed in the hypo range. After much reading I realized that the t4/t3 ratio simply was not a good match for me (4:1). So now I'm on levo and t3 together. I've read about the normal ratio being about 10:1in the human thyroid. My question is, has anyone had better success trying to match this 10:1 ratio and also what factors might affect what an individuals needs are in terms of getting this ratio right? And yes, I have Hashimotos and adrenal fatigue which I'm trying to help with various supplements. My B, D, and iron are all normal. Thanks so much for you help.

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Ratios are for healthy people, they don't always have any bearing on what makes a hypo feel well. As far as T4 and T3 go, you need what you need. And, it's far better to go by blood test results and symptoms, than to aim for any particular ratio - some people are better off with no T4 at all!

Do you have any labs to show us from when you were on NDT, so that we can see what went wrong?

Having Hashi's, of course, will complicate things, because your levels are likely to swing - quite wildly, at times - but it's all trial and error to find the right balance for you. :)

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