NDT to T4/T3


I'm struggling to get hold of NDT well at least at the price I've paid before. The places I've found recently want more than double what I paid before, can't really afford it atm.

I'd rather stay on NDT so I will be trying to get some before my current tub runs out.

I have T4 and T3 so I was wondering if anyone could tell me how much of these I would need to take to match 5=1/2 grains of NDT?

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  • I pay 75p for 1.5grain

    Are you taking 5.5grain!?

  • I take 5.5 grains, sounds a lot I know but I feel just about right at that. I do wonder if I'm taking too much T4 though at that and maybe would actually be better taking a T4/T3 combo so I can have higher T3 without high T4. I'm not knowledgeable enough to know that though, I would have to ask the forum. Oh and I last paid £32+postage for 1000 Thiroyd tabs which is a lot less than 75p per 1.5 grains

  • pm

  • Donnyjam,

    5.5 grains NDT has 209mcg T4 and 49.5mcg T3.

  • It's the exchange rate because the pound has fallen.... I'm having the same problem

  • Please don't post openly names of sources as they are getting shut down!

  • Wishingwell,

    Please click on the v down arrow and click on Report to advise admins when sources are posted on the forum and we will remove them.

  • Ok will do.

  • Which is why we pm .... !

  • Well that's exactly what many of us need to know!

    The NHS endocrinologist told me people are nipping over to France to purchase T3! He did not regard it as his remit to say exactly from whom and where, so we are reliant on forums like this.

  • FamilyCat,

    If you want to know where to obtain T3 or NDT Write a Post and ask members to send feedback via private messages. Members are not allowed to post sources on the forum.

    23. Do not post advertisements, links or information of any sort whatsoever, on where or how to obtain UK prescription only medications without prescription. This includes online pharmacies who issue 'prescriptions' on the basis of the completion of a simple health questionnaire.


  • Thank you clutter for explaining that.

    So Folks, yes please a source of both T3 and NDT anywhere bar Leeds!

  • That's why it's important to pm !!!

  • Thanks everyone for the help and info. I think I've found a site that sells it at the price i'm used to paying thanks to someone giving me a PM

  • Hi would you mind sending me a pm with your new source as i have exactly that problem.

    Thanks in advance.


  • Hi can you private message me ref NDT thank you

  • May I draw your attention to this recent post?


  • There are lots of conversion tables on the web that tell you how much T3 and T4 are in each grain. For instance:


  • I recently obtained NDT from Thailand - 1 grain tablets, 100 for $15, I have been taking them for about a week, gradually increasing by half grains after a few days with good results and will be ordering the 1000 tablet size packet for about $60. I was on Eutirox (Synthroid) which caused my blood sugar to spike. I discovered that the warnings for this effect were effectively hidden in the drug interactions along with admonition for health care professionals to warn patients on Synthetic thyroid meds to monitor their sugar. I took a chance in ordering this brand from Thiland, but there are no real OTC options in the U.S. The company - calls it Thiroyd - was mentioned on StopTheThyroidMadness page listing different OTC options . The others are very weak and ineffective, I have found, and you have to take tons of them, so are quite pricey. I am very skeptical of any engineered synthetic substances - they just don't tell you what the cost is health-wise and the other drugs you will have to take to make up for it.

  • please pm me your source for NDT. thanks very much!

  • Regarding the price of NDT, mine tripled at the beginning of this year (2016). I went to the pharmacy expecting to pay my usual ~$30 and she asked for ~$90! I don't usually quibble about prices but I told her that she must have made a mistake. She checked with her supervisor who said that the $90 was correct. I went to the insurance office and was told the same thing. I was shocked. I am afraid it is all part and parcel of the price gouging from the pharmaceutical companies and they have done far worse with other medications(vis. epipens). It is so immoral, just when your energy, strength and therefore earning capacity have been minimized by an illness, they ask for more and more money from you. It is so frightening.

  • It's called "Social Darwinism". :(

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