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Update: ‘so upset after Endo appt’ & started T3


Hi everyone, so I wrote a post a week or two about how upset I was after my NHS Endo appt, where the doc had said she wanted to go back to basics and start blood tests again but promised she was going to test all the other antibodies and do some other tests she didn’t specify. Well I called the hospital and got them to post out my results (my follow up appt isn’t for another 4 weeks and there’s no way I could wait till then) and wouldn’t you know it....all she did was TSH, FT4, FT3 & TPO again!! Why??? Why not do the other antibodies? What about the other tests?? This is torture. Latest results in picture and in profile.

On another note, as an experiment I started taking 25mg of T3 for the last 3 mornings and I swear I haven’t felt this energised and alive in years! I even managed 1hr and 15mins of solid cardio in an aerobics class on Tuesday night! While I feel good I recognise that this might not be this best course of action so I’m prepared to stop (reluctantly) - looking for your advice - would it be harmful for me to continue on 25mg T3 going forward given my recent T3 result?

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Well, that doctor just confirms what most of them are!

What thyroid meds were you taking when those tests were done?

If you have added 25mcg since then your FT3 will be way, way over range, the FT3 result was pretty good as it was.

Hi SeasideSusie, thanks for your reply. I wasn’t taking any thyroid meds when the bloods were taken. I have never been prescribed anything. I chose to trial T3 to see if my symptoms would improve on the basis that there’s potentially a conversion issue (thyroid resistance) because of family history of thyroid disease.

So I’ve tried it for 3 days and I’ve felt great. Better than I have in years. But now having got the blood tests back today and seeing my T3 is within the optimal range (not medicated) I’m inclined to stop my trial (despite improvements in my symptoms) because I don’t want to cause a major hyperactive attack & bloat any future test results.

I’m just at a loss on what to do. I feel so let down by every single GP and Endo I’ve ever seen.

I’ve order Yarrow Formulas B12 & folate combination to bring those levels up and hope that will have a major impact on my symptoms. So far the docs or endos aren’t interested in those levels being sub-optimal, but based on advice from others like yourself, I’ve been told my b12 and folate are low and warrant rising - so I’m taking that into my own hands too.

Stourie in reply to Hillz2000

The ranges given are only reference ranges, not written in stone. Maybe you need to have your t3 over their range. Before blood tests patients were just given ndt until they felt "normal" or well. If their bloods had been tested then some of them might have had results that would have had doctors nowadays panicking. Just my thoughts. Jo xx


What about vitamin D levels?

I see in your profile that calcium is below range. This is often linked to low vitamin D

Low vitamin D is extremely common with Hashimoto's

Also no ferritin test result

Hillz2000 in reply to SlowDragon

No vitamin d or ferritin test done recently. Ferritin done about 6 months ago was fine. And I supplement my vitamin d so I’m hoping it’s ok. Until the docs agree to test it I’m in the dark (no pun intended!).

On another note, what I do find is incredible is that the last few days with supplementing with T3 when I wake in the morning my plantar fasciitis appears to have gone! I’m in such a quandary becuase I know my T3 levels are good and anything I take now will push me over the range....but I swear it’s made a huge difference! Should I tell the Endo that I self-medicated for a few days and had improvements? Dread the return of the fatigue and the sore stiff feet in the morning :(

Hillz2000 in reply to Hillz2000

Maybe if I tell her it will force her to consider that there is a resistance issue and to test for it.

I think everyone should have the freedom to have whatever test done they want, and I've used this website to get those. It's lef.com. (lifeextension.com)

Click "Products"

At bottom of list, "Lab Testing".

There's a huge selection. And, it's (as far as I've used it) affordable. You order a test, receive an order from a doctor (based in Miami, FL USA) then take it to Labcorp. I've always got results within 3 days, by email. I've even brought them in to a doctor visit.

If your not in the area they send to, maybe now that you know something like this exists, maybe you could find something like it wherever you are.

Hope this helps! It's been useful to me.

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