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Hi everyone, I have just learned a lot of interesting things about Marmite (yes Marmite!) and I thought I would pass it along.

It seems that amongst other things it’s a good source of iron, selenium, magnesium , potassium and B vitamins, all essential for hypo people.

I wish I liked it, I do not, but if you do it’s a very easy way to get many unusual minerals, metals and vitamins without having to do a lot of complicated shopping.

Here is the link:

If that doesn't work just Google Mercola Marmite.

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I LOVE Marmite, Promite, and Vegemite...and I'm even an American, lol...

Heloise in reply to Kell-E

Do you buy it online, Kell-E or do stores carry it?

Kell-E in reply to Heloise

I have purchased it online. Haven't found it in stores locally.

Add it to casseroles, chilliest, sauces. It’s a great seasoning and means you get the benefit without having to eat it on its a own. A pot lives on the workbench next to the oils and salt and pepper etc.

I love it on toast though.

Kell-E in reply to FancyPants54

On toast is my favorite...

FancyPants54 in reply to Kell-E

With grilled cheese on top for ultimate luxury.

Kell-E in reply to FancyPants54

Oh, nice...I'll have to try that.

Supernovae in reply to Kell-E

Great on scrambled eggs!

There’s a new one for me to try.

penny in reply to Supernovae

I like it UNDER my scrambled eggs.

OH YES !!!

Love it !


helvellaAdministrator in reply to FancyPants54

Funnily enough, whilst I do really like Marmite on toast, I think it can add odd flavours to cooked food such as casseroles.

For cooking, I prefer the other yeast extracts.

Maybe it is the added vitamin content?

Perhaps you were using a little too much. My husband is a great cook and uses it regularly but we never have odd tasting food, only delicious food. It’s like adding dark chocolate to chilli, you don’t need much for the effect.

Love it but contains gluten, so no go since celiac diagnosed in 2012.

A warning for those who want to try it, it should be spread really, really thinly (just a few dabs)on buttered toast, I think most Brits know this but have read stories of others spreading it thick like peanut butter....LOL

Oh my! That would be horrible. A little goes a long way with Marmite.

Bluedragon in reply to E_lizab8

My youngest son used to put his hand into the jar and scoop it out....yuck. They spread it thickly in my house - 2 love it and 2 hate it.....

Rmichelle in reply to E_lizab8

Same here celiac but used to love it!!😁

I know that Marmite contains these things but I hate the taste and obtain all of the above from others foods, however, my partner loves it, no accounting for taste eh!

It was banned in Denmark. They are wary of fortified foods. You can get a more natural gluten free brand in health foods shops here. Avoid yeast if you have a candida problem though.

It is a love or hate thing and I love it. Had it on toast for my breakfast today.

Great on toast ,but vegemite yuk!

Kell-E in reply to Treepie

I said that at first, but then I got addicted, lol...

I like it in baked beans 🙂

Singoutloud in reply to AlisonL

Now that sounds good... With cheese. 😍

AlisonL in reply to Singoutloud

Ooh yes, cheese makes everything nicer!

I have Marmite on toast every morning for breakfast - I adore it!


I just love it. I was a Marmite baby and now I'm a Marmite granny. I like it spread thickly. I have it on toast, I put it in scrambled egg, cheese on toast. I drink it too. Better than Bovril. It is expensive but all the supermarket brand versions (invariable called Veggimite) are made by same company and much cheaper.

Of course, it's yeast based. I try not to think too much about the fact that it's made from the sweepings up at breweries. :) :)

its banned in Denmark

Sounds good to me

My fave used to be in creamy mash potatoes, sadly I'm celiac so no more! Ooh I miss it!😕

I remember having marmite fried bread, a sandwich generously dabbed with marmite and then fried in the bacon fat - yum. Helped fill up hungry tummies. We were all active and slim (farmers).

It says on my gluten free app that it contains gluten. Not that I would go near even if it wasn’t 😷

I ADORE Marmite and used to love it on freshly baked white bread (it would be my luxury on the desert island) until I went gluten free - then I heard about it maybe containing gluten and was devastated, so I did some research.

It doesn't actually contain gluten but the Brewers yeast being a by-product of brewing could be contaminated by the grains used in beer. The research done is very limited and on only single pots but that showed a level just slightly over the upper limit to qualify as gluten free.

Since going gluten free I sometimes seem to have reactions (for me it is coughing and catarrh in my throat) but am never sure what has caused it (perhaps not even gluten?) so I thought I'd test marmite out - and I can't say I seemed to have any ill effects, so I'm going to keep enjoying it. I guess if you are actually coeliac rather than intolerant, it may be a bigger risk though.

Thank-you, a very interesting and cheering article. Please though do all remember the importance of having the B vitamins in the right balance. Too much of one will deplete some of the others, and, many preparations are high in the cheap and low in the expensive ones. If anyone else knows more about this I'd be interested to hear.

As for the de-stressing effects we noticed this with our cat. His femur was fractured after he was hit by a car when he was very young and following surgery he had to be kept in a cage (we found a very large, double-decker one) until the bones had knitted. He became very stressed and suddenly started asking for Marmite, which we put on a spoon and held for him to lick and lick.

Right off topic now but he also healed in record time and we had given him homoeopathic remedies (though I'm very skeptical) including symphytum. The vet was really 'sniffy' with me when I took him back for x-rays 2 weeks early and gave me a lecture as the x-rays were taken about how stupid I was to have brought him back so soon as there would be no chance of the bones having mended, then when the results were brought in, they showed the bones had done. Anything to do with the Marmite I wonder?

Marmite roast potatoes are delicious! Do a search for recipe - they are soooooo good and don’t over taste of it. Yummmmm

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