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Daughters Results


Hi I would be great full for any comments on these bloods. My daughter has at last been diagnosed with hypothyroidism and is taking 50 mgs of Levothyroxine plus 50 mgs of B 12. She is excessively tired in fact worse than before she was given medication. These are her current blood test results.

TSH 5.0 mU/L (0.27 -4.2)

Serum total 25-hydroxy vit D 77 nmol/L (> 51.0)

Serum C reactive protein 6 mg/L (0.0 - 5.0

Serum ferritin 32 ug/L/L (30.0 - 150.0)

Serum folate 4.0 ug/L (> 3.9)

Thank you in anticipation.

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Your daughter's symptoms will not abate until she is on a Full Dose of Thyroid Hormones (i.e. levo) and the dose will slowly be increased by 25mcg each six weeks until the TSH is 1 or below. Unfortunately doctors seem to think that once it is somewhere in the range (in your daughter's case anywhere up to 4) that the patient is on a sufficient dose.

If she hasn't had B12, Vit D, iron, ferritin and folate checked, ask for these at the next test. I don't know if you have to request them beforehand.

The average doses of levothyroxine can be between 200mcg and 400mcg. The aim is a TSH of 1 or lower and Free T4 and Free T3 in the upper part of the ranges. These are rarely tested but we have three private labs that do home pin-prick tests.

Others will respond re the other results that are low.

moleland in reply to shaws

Thank you

She needs a dose increase - every 6 weeks until TSH is under 1 and free T4 and free T3 in top quarters of their ranges - just testing TSH is next to useless. Her folate is dreadful and her ferritin is much too low and her vit D should be around 100 at this time of year. What was her B12 level before she started supplementing ? She might have needed a loading dose

Thanks for your reply, the doctors decided injections were not necessary and gave her 50 mgs of B12 tablets to take. She couldn’t get through her Zumba. Class this morning sitting out for 4 dances,

Where should her ferritin and folate be please?

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