Interpret My Results Please

Interpret My Results Please

I have been having symptoms of thinning hair, cracked skin on fingers and eyebrows have got much lighter in colour, so i requested a blood test with my gp and have also had it done privately a week later for things that weren;t tested.

These are my results I wonder if anyone could tell me if my TSH, T4, T3 and Testosterone are normal/optimal or anything wrong as I'm most concerned about the hairloss.

FREE T3 - (4.7 pmol/L) Range 3.1. - 6.8

T4 - (11.4 pmol/L) Range 9.0 - 19.1

TSH - (4.32 mU/L Range 0.3 - 4.40

Thank you

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  • Jm84,

    TSH is almost top of range which indicates thyroid dysfunction. However, NHS needs TSH to be over range before hypothyroidism is diagnosed. When you have your next thyroid function test at your GP's arrange it early in the morning when TSH is highest and fast (water only) because TSH drops after eating and drinking.

    Hairloss is a hypothyroid symptom.

  • Thanks this test was taken at 1pm, 2 weeks ago and I was fasted at the time as I follow an intermittent fasting nutrition approach. What would thyroid disfunction be? What would be the ways to go around treating this?

    Thank you

  • Jm84,

    Had you tested early in the morning your TSH would almost certainly have been over range and got you a hypothyroid diagnosis. Levothyroxine is the treatment for hypothyroidism. You will require a prescription for Levothyroxine.

  • Yes Ive had it tested in the morning. Ive read a lot about T3 medication like Armour thyroid. Would this be a better approach?

  • Jm84,

    You won't be given the option of having anything other than Levothyroxine on NHS. The majority of people do very well on Levothyroxine but if you don't do well on it you can buy T3 or NDT without prescription and self medicate.

  • Many people are happy with Levo but they dont post on forums. It takes a while to get things sorted so don't be too hasty wanting to try something else. Everyibg you have posted is low in the range. Had you already been on medication then you would have needed to increase your meds. Actually getting prescribed these days is a bit tricky.

    If you look on the Thyroid Uk site there is a list of symptoms. I would print it off and tick the problems you have and show it to your doctor

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