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Hi everybody. Im new here. I have had hyperthyroidism since 2014 and been on meds since then. I was hoping to go into remission on these meds but that hasn't happened. My Dr is suggesting that I have surgery to remove the thyroid gland but Im really not for the idea. I have since adopted healthy eating with low carbs combined with the meds but my thyroid hasn't stabilised. For those who had their thyroid removed, how are you coping. Are you happy with that decision or are there any regrets.

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Thank you very much. Surgery does scare me. Let me look up the group on facebook.

What dosage of antithyroid are you on currently Sheilla, and are your thyroid levels controlled successfully by it ? (ie, your thyroid levels go up if you stop taking the meds altogether, but do they remain under control on a relatively low dose of antithyroids ?)

There are people here who advocate a gluten free diet for Graves’ as well as Hashimoto’s. I’m not sure that there is any clear evidence for this, and I believe the people here who seem to know most about the gluten free option are hypo rather than hyper. However, as a final option before surgery, it may be worth a try.

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If I get 10mg, i go towards hypo, if its reduced to 5mg per day, i go the other way.The Dr has now prescribed the block and replace regime, 10mg carbimazole and 1 tablet levo which i started on yesterday. Will go for my bloods in 8 weeks time.

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