Could this be the answer for you? (part 3) :)

Some time ago I wrote about our experiences in California when I took my daughter there to see a doctor who had been recommended to us.

He revealed to us that sometimes thyroid illness is not just an illness in itself, but can be a symptom of what some doctors are now called Chronic Complex Illness:

I have periodically posted other information about various aspects of this Chronic Complex Illness which can attack every part of the body including the endocrine system, and thus thyroid function.

This may not be the answer for everyone, but I'm sure there are many on this site for whom this information may be helpful.

The difficulty until now has been that I have been unable to find a clinic in this country that would carry out the necessary tests to uncover the problem, and I know that for various reasons many people are unable to travel to California for help.

So here is the good news - I have at last found a clinic in the UK that runs the very same tests that my daughter had in California (and more) which uncovered the truth about her thyroid illness.

Many of you have contacted me during the last year for information and I apologise for not contacting you all individually with this information.

If you wish to receive information about this clinic please contact me by PM and I will gladly send it.

Jane x

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  • Hi Jane

    This sounds very interesting.

    Would you PM me the details of the clinic and the info. of the tests they do please.

    Very much appreciated.

    Best wishes browny

    Sorry just re read, I have now sent you a P.M.


  • Thank you Jane for your information - will PM you....

  • great news Jane will be in touch thanks for posting : )

  • Hi Jane,

    Iv sent you a pm message.

  • Hi. I would also like to receive info about the clinic.......sounds fascinating :)

  • Very interesting! Please could you pm me! Thank you

  • Pretty please can you pm me too, thank you.

  • A PM would be very much appreciated! Si x

  • Thanks for posting

    please can I receive information about the clinic ,I would be very thankful.

  • All these people saying they will pm you. It must just be me then that cannot find the way to do this....I am hovering over the user name....nothing, I am going into users messaging facility. I have looked it up on here and it says to do that but I cannot do that. What am I doing wrong?

  • Hi Phoebs, Click on the name of the person you want to PM, then on the right hand side of the next page you will see that person's profile with the option to send a message under it. Jane x

  • Hi Pheobs. To send a message to a member, click on their photo or name which will take you into the users profile. At the right hand side you will see a yellow box with Send me a message. Click on this and send your message.

  • Hi Jane

    I have sent you a PM messege because yesterday I felt to send it.

    Thanks in advance.

  • Thank you for posting, can you please p.m. me details.

  • Have also p.m. you. Thanks.

  • Hi Jane, this is odd, I've PMd you and posted here but the post here isn't showing so I'm not sure if you got either. I would love the details of this clinic please as I shall continue searching for answers until I find them! Thanks

  • Hi Jane, I pm'd you on Thursday as I am really interested in this clinic and the treatment, I am struggling at the moment and this makes so much sense. I don't know if I pm'd you properly but would love the info if you wouldn't mind sending it to me please. How is your daughter doing now, I hope she is doing well. She is so lucky to have a mum that has went to those lengths to get her healthy again, she must be very proud of you :-) xx

  • Just writing this to say thanks to the people who have given me advice about PM ing. The problem was that I was not getting the profile of anything to click on to get the messages. I since have done but I was not originally so I suspect that there are some glitches still on this site. The first thing I did was to click on the name of the person, I clicked on everything I could but nothing came up, that's why I wrote on here because it was not working.

  • Hi all, Sorry if you haven't had a reply yet. I got started on replies and then my BT line went on the fritz! A tree down in the lane leading to my house. I am now away for the weekend, so will get back to replies as soon as poss. I have been a bit overwhelmed!

    I haven't forgotten you and have made a list of those who contacted me. Jane x

  • I would love info of the clinic please but don't know how to private message you.

  • Would like the info on the clinic here too pls x

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