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ndt in chicago, america without prescription


answers by private message please due to forum rules.

i’m importing Nature throid from a pharmacy in america currently. my brother and his wife are due to visit family in chicago. I’m wondering if they can purchase NDT without prescription and bring home for me. avoiding customs and postage costs. does anyone know if this is possible please?

one of the family has hypothyroid so could possibly buy it for me but might work out just as costly,

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I am in the US and have been hypo for 20 years. If I want to purchase NDT without a prescription, I have to order from overseas. No one in the US can just walk into a pharmacy and ask for NDT without a prescription. If one of your relatives is hypo, he/she might find a sympathetic doc willing to prescribe NDT (he/she can say they left their meds at home?), but it would probably only be for a small amount, enough to get them back home? With all the shortages and disruptions in manufacturing going on at present, it is

no wonder that prices are thru the roof. Hopefully, things will get back to normal pretty soon.

ah, that is a shame, thank you for clarifying. yes I've got 4 months worth of NDT and not sure if/when I can get more. paying a private doctor for my sister to get private prescription would probably not be cost effective. thank you for the reply and wishing you all the best x

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