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Where to get ndt without prescription.


Can someone gove me some places online where i can get ndt pills? I tried some places but they were scamming me please send me to legit and safe places please .

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What makes you think the Thai site was scamming you? A long term member vouched for the site.

ricksmartini in reply to Clutter

I did not say the "Thai site" was scamming me I don't know if I am allowed to say the name of the site last time I asked about it the name was deleted.

Can you not use the Thai site then?

You have only recently been diagnosed and are on a low starting dose.

I don't see any thyroid test results.

Clutter in reply to ricksmartini


You can't name the site on the forum.

A member confirmed the name of the site you posted, and which admin subsequently deleted, was legit.


Can you explain more about why you think they were scamming you? Were they costing more that others or you found they didn't make a difference? It takes a lot of patience and knowledge when changing medication and it may me your inexperience or something else that was the problem. More info and may be we can help.

Have you any results when you were on Levo that you can post plus any on NDT Then we can say if you had a problem on Levo not converting and in which case we can help with that of it may be that you are unfamiliar with how to read results when taking any form of NDT-it's different to being on Levo and if your GP saw them and doesn't know when he would react badly I would think. Plus anyone reading your post and thinking of changing over then we don't want to worry them either.

Just looked at your back ground and seen only resently diagnosed and knowing whatcGP's are like I'm suspecting you are still on your started dose of 25 mcg Levo. Your doctor should have told you to come back after 6 weeks for a retest. The Levo takes 5-6 weeks to fully get into your system and then it is retested and you wil need an increase. Increases are done in 25mcg's then you need to wait another 6 weeks , retest and see if you need more and the cycle continues until you are on the correct dose for you. You are on a very low starting dose but it's to get your body used to it You may even find you feel worse. That's normal but you need to work up to the right dose for you. There are other things you need to do correctly. Take it in the morning with a full glass of water and nothing to eat or drink other than water for an hour. There are also other things to look out for as well if you are taking other types of medication they have to be kept away throm your Levo otgerwise it won't be absorbed properly.

Levo works very well for most people once they know how to manage it but they don't post on here as they are good so all you are seeing are the problems. Many are caused by your GP not helping very much as many don't fully understand it.

So other bits of good advice is to ask from printouts or your results and post them and the ranges on here so we can tell you how you are progressing. Read as much as you can and learn to listen what your body is telling you. Make sure you get these 6 weekly retests sorted and keep telling us how you are getting on and we can help you.

If you look on the Thyroid Uk site who run this forum there is loads of info to help you and anything you don't understand ask. Remember we have all been where you are now.

It will take time and patience to get you feeling well again but it can't be speeded up, trust me you will end up in a mess and starting again if you try! Forget about NDT, lets get you sorted on Levo and take it from there. Looking forward to seeing your first blood results and helping you along the way!

dn560 in reply to silverfox7

I am yet to hear of someone getting well with levo but anythings possible. Like the OP i too have tried to get ndt from other sites and failed due to the strange transaction methods and now i have just given up and im waiting to die. But i like most other will say that levo is a piece of **** no matter what dose youre on it doesnt work. If OP can get ndt they should go ahead with it and forget levo.

I beg to differ. I was started on NDT around 30 years ago and took it for around 5 years. It was prescribed on the NHS and came from Canada. But there was a strike and I was without for three months with a young family and a husband who drove about 40 miles each day to and from work. So I asked to go onto Levo and was well on it for over 20 years but was starting then to go downhill. That was probably down to menopause and food intolerances which when tested was 142. So I went back to NDT. That wasn't an easy ride either but I had a lot to learn before I did the change over. I found I was no longer converting the T4 to T3 and this was the same time I found out food was unsettling me as well. So I was about to go on a cruise and eat the food that I could and stop that which my body wasn't liking. I came back from holiday and found I had more energy and lost weight-not many do that on a cruise and then thanks to this forum I learned how to improve my conversion and that took me another 6 months to address and I got it spot on so then moved over to NDT and I think down to my preparation I've been pretty stable since. I did have some problem getting the dose correct and thankfully the Endo stepped in and helped with that. I found it was difficult to fine tune as symptoms are so similar being slightly under to being slightly over. The other week I found a new symptom so posted to see what it could mean. I got suggestions but still had to make my own mind up what to do. I dropped my dose slightly and felt better and then worse so I put it back to what it was but I could tell my body was telling me what I should do and thankfully it was just a little blip but I'm telling you this to show that you can be fine on Levo if you know and understand what you are doing-what your bloods are telling you and know what to do with supplements but it's very much a learning curve. When I started out the only info I could find was from America. It was the start of home computers though but still nothing from this country so thankfully it's now much easier to find information and get advice but one thing you have to take on board pretty quickly is that the endocrine system works very slowly. You can't speed it up but must understand and be patient. If you get your results from your doctor and the ranges and post them then we can help you along but it takes time.

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