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NDT without prescription in the US

Hi everyone. I am looking for anyone that can PM me with information on how to get NDT online without a prescription to the US. I am currently without medication, so I am trying to see if there is one that will also ship faster than a month. I appreciate any help you can offer. Thanks!

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Please remember guideline #23 and if anyone wishes to respond, do so by PM.


Am in UK and awaiting same length of time


Google dr John Lowe x

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Depending which state you are in you can get a dr prescription for NDT from a walkin clinic - you will have to pay of course

I got Thailand NDT in 10 days or so To Florida last year


It is possible you may have trouble at the US Customs as the FDA, as I understand it, is taking action on the ruling that no prescription drugs are imported into the US.

I have just ordered some Thyroid-S and the delivery date I was given in the middle of March 2017.


Thank you to all of the replies. I am looking into each and every one and very appreciative of the support!



You might have to get a private prescription and go through the normal channels in the US. Sorry, I cannot help further but I live in the UK and get my NDT from the US. Delivery is fairly quick too!

Good luck.

TT x


Go to thyrogold . All info will come up how to order I live in the uk and it takes a couple of weeks . This is the best I have felt in 20 years best wishes


Hello Sevastra . I recently got NDT made from Bovine thyroid gland manufactured in New Zeland . This is webside of this very good NDT : . They have very decent price .I got three bottles by 90 pils each ,300 pills for $76 .0 .Its almost 10 months supply ... they have 50 mg,100 mg , and higher. 100 mg equal 1 grain. This NDT capsules do not have any additional fillers ,just bovine thyroid powder. You do not need any Rx. I hope, my reply will be helpful.



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