NDT Without Prescription

Has anyone managed to get hold of NDT without a prescription? Willing to pay but can't afford to go to a private GP (my own GP's hands are tied by red tape). Thanks.

Recommendations how to obtain NDT via private messages please in line with posting guideline #23, thank you.


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  • H Jools, have PM'd you

  • Hi BMD, great name; Bob's my Dad-I always chorus that when hearing he's "

    your uncle"! Thinking of going the 'Jools route', would be good if you can pm me too. Thank you 🙊

  • Haha! Have pm'd you

  • I am looking for an online pharmacy to prescribe Nature throid or WP without a prescription. I am currently taking thyroid S and haven't seen much improvement. Any advice?

  • Your GPs hands are not tied - they can do it if they want to - they just don't want to. NHS that is.

    Yes i switched to ndt in 2012, no thanks to the NHS. I am sure you will be sent details. Do not waste any time in helping yourself; the NHS will not help you.

  • Bought Nutri thyroid so will give it a try.Many thanks.

  • You are, I hope, aware that Nutri Thyroid might contain no thyroid hormone whatsoever? It is not the same as the prescription-quality desiccated thyroid products.

  • Just received Nutri Thyroid and it says it's 'thyroid gland concentrate' . What's the difference? Ver confused now!

  • Does it make claim to any thyroid hormone content?

    On the basis that it doesn't, you have no idea how much thyroid hormone it contains, if any. Whereas with the prescription-quality products, they make very clear claims.

    Looking at one website, it says it doesn't contain any:

    Nutri Thyroid provides hormone-free thyroid concentrate in supplement form.


  • I know, just trying to get my foggy head round how something can be hormone free if it contains thyroid concentrate!x

  • You and me too.

    We have had many discussions here and cannot reconcile the (typical) claims:

    A) It contains pure concentrated thyroid with nothing removed.

    B) Hormone-free thyroid concentrate.

    No-one has ever come up with what I consider a satisfactory resolution. So I tend to assume that such products contain a lower (but likely not zero) hormone level than an apparently similar prescription product, and they might be inconsistent.

  • Hi jools999 - Would you mind sending me a PM as to where you bought Nutri thyroid. Thanks. Hope it works for you.

  • See my response above.

  • Thank you, information duly noted re Nutri Thyroid.

  • I am on 125 Levo after having total throidectomy last year. I am having the same problems as most people on the synthetic tablets, fatigue, can't sleep, too tired, weight gain, no nails, grouchy etc. My doctor is just not listening just like i'm hearing from others, so I have to make myself better. Please can any of you let me know where I can get NDT from without Drs prescription (he refuses to do Named Basis). You are my last resort as I can't go on feeling so ill and depressed. Thank you.

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