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Crete - T3 without prescription?


I am lucky to be going to Crete next week on holiday and wondered if it is possible to get T3 over the counter there? If so what should I be asking for?

I would like to grab the chance of getting medication if I can. Please could someone PM me if they can help with details about getting medication?

I had a test recently for thyroid:

Free T4 13.3 ref range 9.0 - 20.0

TSH 2.47 ref range .30-6.00

Free T3 3.8 ref range 3.1-6.8

Does anyone know if this looks like my T3 is low and would benefit from treatment? Or should I go for straight thyroxine first?

I have high levels of peroxidase antibodies (already posted number somewhere on forum) so Hashimoto's and constantly battle with anaemia (although luckily not ceoliac - test has ruled that out).

I have all the symptoms of being hypo but not treated.

I have not gone back to my GP to see what they think of the results of the full reading (done privately). My TSH level is usually around 3.8 so this result was quite good this time, but is still within the NHS normal range and so despite high levels of antibodies and all the usual symptoms they won't treat me. I need to make another appointment and argue my case for treatment.

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If you have Hashimotos it would be a good idea to treat yourself as if you are gluten sensitive and go gluten free. The UK test is not full proof. Cyrex Labs in the US are more in depth and can be done by Regenerus Labs in the UK.

I would not dive straight into taking T3 if I were you. I live in Crete by the way and yes you can buy it over the counter for just over a euro. Ask for T3 - they normally only stock about two boxes but can order quickly for you. They won't ask you any silly questions but could well offer you Tea Tree instead of T3 - so point to your thyroid :-)

Yes your FT3 does look low - this could be due to conversion issues so it could be worth going down that route first. You mention anaemia - so it would be good to ensure your Iron - Ferritin - Folate - B12 - VitD are all OPTIMAl to ensure a good conversion of T4 that you are producing into T3.

Buying some T4 is the same - it is by UniPharma for the T3 but they do also stock Merck T4 which I have just read on the forum today is a good one as far as consistency is concerned.

Whereabouts are you staying in Crete ? You can also buy B12 Hydroxocobalmin injections AND the syringes for pence at any chemist. My daughter has just returned with loads and mentioned the syringes at the airport and all was well :-)

I have Hashimotos and Low B12 ......and before dosing also VitD deficient after living in the sun for its not just being in the sun that helps - with auto-immune issues there is other stuff going on as well....

Enjoy your stay - hottest day of the year so far tomorrow.....yikes :-)

Clutter in reply to Marz

Piggysue, I'd be inclined to start with 50mcg Levothyroxine (T4) to see whether your symptoms improve, although you could buy both as they are so cheap. Order at least 48 hours in advance in case the medication needs to be ordered in and check the expiry dates are a long way off.

TSH rises when T3 is low to prompt the thyroid to produce T4 for conversion to T3. Your FT4 is a little low which makes it difficult to convert sufficient T3. Levothyroxine should improve your T4 and T3 and reduce your TSH.

PiggySue in reply to Clutter

Clutter, thankyou.

I think that you are quite right about starting in the conventional way and I will try and buy both to see which works and will also try and persuade my doctor to trial me on levothyroxine, as I would prefer not to have to do it myself. The antibody test was in 2009 and despite having all the symptoms still not treated, but I think I probably need to show them articles etc.

The site is so wonderful that I am beginning to feel that I can be fairly well informed as a layman.

PiggySue in reply to Marz

Marz, thanks for your response. I have been self medicating with sublingual B12. I use sunbeds here (I know, I know.....) they make me feel so much better and seem to help me not suffer from SAD in the winter, so I hope that the Vit D is okay but have not tested for that or B12. My ferritin is very low despite taking Ferrous Fumarate (as Pregaday tablets) for the last 3 years.

I am on the Atkins, so no gluten for the last couple of months and I have noticed that I seem to feel better when leaving out carbs especially processed ones - so that takes out the gluten. Still not losing weight but a bit less bloated.

We will be staying in the Apokoronas region in NW Crete for one week. I am really looking forward to it. I went to Crete in 1979 and loved it! I expect that it has changed a lot!!

Don't know if I am brave enough to self inject!! My doctors here are sympathetic but have to work to the NHS guidelines, but I expect that they would consider injections of B12 if necessary.

Thanks so much for your help!

Marz in reply to PiggySue

In view of your impending visit I thought you would be interested in the above - posted by Rod. Perhaps your Doc should read it too - Pub Med is where all research papers are stored for anyone to view.... maybe Greece is ahead of the game in some areas !! I take 10,000 IU's of VitD as I also have Crohns. I feel it is helping in many ways....

PiggySue in reply to Marz

Thanks, very interesting! I will try and see if I can get my GP to test me. I do feel very demanding when I go in (and with 3 kids as well, you can imagine how often I am in there - wish I had loyalty points! Actually that would be a great idea - loyalty points could earn you non NHS blood tests and medicines! Tee Hee!)


I will private message you.


You can get both - thyroxine or liothyronine. That's the proper name of T4 and T3. You can also ask for Taf tessera or Taf tria. The box for one month is around £1.60 (can you believe that).

Tessera means four and tria means 3.

Sometimes they don't understand our accents. Just go into any pharmacist and ask. You can ask them to order packets for you and give them a few days as it would have to come by the mainland if they don't have enough stock.

Good luck

Heavenly8igo in reply to shaws

Is it at ll possible to order and have sent the UK ? Ever Optimistic

Shaws, thanks for your quick response. Will that work without a prescription?

I had read elsewhere on the forum that the price is much lower outside the UK!

Clutter in reply to PiggySue

PiggySue, click on the orange Reply tab when you reply to a member and they'll be sent an email alert telling them you have responded to their post. They may not see your reply otherwise.

T4 and T3 in Crete is available OTC without prescription.

Thanks for all your help!

Since T3 is so cheap, I'd be buying enough for several months and sticking it in the freezer when I got home! What is the worst you could lose if it loses its potency? A tenner?


I'll send you a p.m.

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