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Blood test results



I had NSH blood tests at the request of the endocrinologist I saw back in January. I have an appointment with him in late July. Because our doctors surgery has no regular doctor (all locums) it is really difficult to get advice as to whether I am on the right amount of Thyroxine and T3.

I was taking 125mcg of Thyroxine and 2 x 10mcg T3 when the tests were done.

Many thanks!

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Thanks - I feel a lot better than I did in January when I started on the T3, but would like to feel better than this so will talk to him about raising it.

I don't know whether you are aware but on any form of T3 results are read differently so TSH should be suppressed, FT4 can fall so ok so far but FT3 should be high in the range but not over so I think FT3 is still has room for adjusting.

No I wasn't aware of that. Thank you very much.

You're on t3 yet no ft3 result just t3?

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Good point.

This is the testing that the endo asked for.


You need FT3 tested, plus vitamin D, folate, ferritin and B12. I see you had vitamins tested a year ago and vitamin D was extremely deficient, B12 very low & folate low. Ferritin ok.

Are you still on vitamin D and B12 and/or B complex and have they been tested since?

Despite low TSH (almost inevitable on T3) your results suggest you are still under medicated.

FT3 definitely needs testing

FT4 should be at least half way in range, certainly not at very bottom of range

As you have Hashimoto's are you now absolutely strictly gluten free?

How do you feel? What are main symptoms

Hi Slowdragon,

I don't know why they didn't test the FreeT3.

I had a Medicheck test done in May, which you responded to and from memory I think you thought I couldn't increase the T3 as the FreeT3 was close to the top of the range? I can't remember what the B12 level was and can't access the results right now!

I have been taking 5000 vitD for about 6 weeks. I take Vit B6 and Vit B1, Magnesium, Selenium.

I am strictly gluten, alcohol and caffeine free.

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Yes just had a look at previous post. Your vitamin D, folate and B12 were all too low

Are you now taking a good quality B complex and possibly also sublingual B12?

Thanks Slowdragon. I am not taking B12 at the moment but will get some.

Unfortunately they tested total T3 instead of free T3 so it is very hard to say. You really need a free T3 test, but it is unlikely that your Free T3 is very high in range - whern you'd expect it to be when taking T3 - with that low total t3.

I had it tested in May, but don't have the results here to check.

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