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Blood test results 3rd Trimester Pregnancy range?


Morning all, I've checked my online results for thyroid blood test checkup and the results are marked as normal... but I'm not sure if they are? This is from week 29/30 so the start of trimester three in pregnancy. I was originally referred to an endocrinologist but the referral was returned with a letter explaining to the gp that my levo needed to be increased asap and TSH levels needed to be reduced to below 2.5 "and then maintained". (My GP was refusing to do anything until it got to 10, even though I was waving documents at him and have previous pregnancy history of severe low birth weight, prem baby and major placenta abruption).

The recent levels are

TSH 3.07 (0.2-5)

And T4 14.6 (9-24)

I'm concerned as the TSH has gone up- since getting it sorted in 1st trimester it has stayed under 2, and with previous problems I don't want to let anything slide unchallenged if I need to (I don't see that GP anymore). I've looked on the guidelines but all I can find is the ranges may change from area to area, I can't find actual numbers? many thanks.

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Ring your GP and state as your TSH has gone up you need an increase of 25mcg now. Mention your endocrinologist's instruction.

After six weeks get another blood test to ensure that increases are made until TSH is under 2. I hope the GP knows what he's doing.

Thank you, I've not got much confidence in GP at the moment, so it's useful to mention things on here so I go prepared. I've got an appointment tomorrow and I'll be asking why not if he won't increase my dose. I'll update then! X

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Update is GP has increased dose to some extent- he wouldn't do a full 25mcg extra per day, but he has increased it by 12.5mcg extra per day, to be retested in 3-4 weeks time. I have a consultant's appointment in the meantime (maternity not endocrine), but I will double check the consultant agrees with this plan too. Many thanks.

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