Third trimester -pregnancy

I'm now into my third trimester of pregnancy and just started to feel yucky again.

Tired, dizzy, slight tingling in arms and hand and foggy. Got bloods last week but waiting for midwife to get back with results.

Problem is I'm on holiday from tomorrow till Friday so can't see doc till next Tues.

Currently on 150 mcg levothyroxine. Bloods taken in feb were free t4 15.9 (9.0-21.0) and tsh 0.34 (0.20-5.00).

I'll update later with most recent bloods but not sure whether to self medicate up to 175 while on holiday but slightly worried that perhaps my tsh is too low and I'm mistaking for hyper.

Anyone any advice?

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  • Can you not phone your midwife and ask her advise? She would be the best one to tell you whether to up your meds or not, she will probably even have your results as they only take two days to come back.

    Tell her how bad you are feeling and explain about your holiday, I'm sure she will help.

    Moggie x

  • Yes, I'm waiting for her to call back with the results but she probably isn't the best person in all honesty. She didn't know what tsh stood for at my last appointment. Just wondering in the meantime.

    Thanks x

  • If I were you I would phone up the maternity unit and ask to speak to the midwife in charge and talk to her about it. Explain that your own midwife doesn't seem the best person to advise as she didn't even know what a TSH test was (which I think is really bad) and you don't feel confident going on holiday with multiple symptoms. It can't do any harm.

    Moggie x

  • Hi Make sure you have a Free T3 test, that may be the problem. A lot of people need T4 and T3.I would ask the GP for blood tests today, TSH, T4 and Free T3 ( phone).thyroid problems are quite common in pregnancy,. It is unlikely to harm baby, but you need to feel as well as possible.Make sure you have medical advice as soon as bloods are back. 2 days at the most, so make an appointment.

    best wishes for your pregnancy.


  • PS, I have extremely low TSH, inmmeasurable, it can be a problem I have Hashimoto, hypo, thyroid. However, if low always best to have the pituitary gland checked Low FT3 may be a factor, it used to be in my case.You need someone very good looking after you, endo?


  • Are you not under a consultant for your pregnancy? I was told I had to be due to being Hypo. They would be the best person to speak to. I know it is common to need to increase your dose during pregnancy (oddly I did not have to).

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