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Decent ENdocrinologist in Ashford Middlesex or Chertsy Surrey hospital ,or do you know if good or bad?


I am again asking for a friend of mine !

Does anyone know if their is a decent Endocrinologist Thyroid Consultant in Ashford and Chertsy hospital ? Or if anyone has had good or bad from the Endos at these places !

My friend is with a lady consultant but is a diabetic specialist and I’m not happy with her treatment they are giving her they are going on her TSH to medicate her and she has been on meds over a year now and still not feeling well I guess it’s a case of another ignorant diabetic Endo

,if you have an Endos name could you please Private message me or if you know of a good Endo on the NHS near or surrounding area It would be much appreciated as she can not afford to go private please and let me know ASAP to get friend better treatment, she doesn’t use the internet so I can pass the message on

Thank you for taking time to read r this and for any answers I receive:)

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As Pascha1 has requested, if you can help please send information by PM as we can't discuss individual doctors on the open forum.

I will close the post to replies so that no information is inadvertently posted here.

Pascha1 - do you have the list of thyroid friendly endos from ThyroidUK? If not then email Dionne and you could ask for feedback on any individual doctors in a new post and members can respond by PM.

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