Has anybody seen Dr Annice Mukherjee or Dr Tara Kearney? Feedback please!

Well you all know that it never rains but it pours with our conditions so alongside Hashimotos, I have adrenal insuffiency, anemia and diabetes (all tested and in black and white for the GP), with a side order of repeated miscarriages and vitiligo! I'm currently working with the diagnosis of CFS but clearly have many underlying issues that certainly contribute.

So I'm looking for good endos with a specialty in thyroid. I do have Louise's list but am also looking for recommendations for endos in the North West (as I'm Manchester-based)

I happened across a Dr Mukerjee's profile and see she has a speciality in CFS, thyroid, adrenal issues and infertility and is based in the North West. She sounds amazing...but of course I'm looking for any feedback from anybody who has had an appointment with her or any other recent recommendations for other endos.

There's also a Dr Tara Keraney that I've heard of at the same hospital I've heard a little about.

I know we can't share endo feedback openly, so please, please feel free to PM me.


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Hiya ...I found dr kearney ...I've had a consultation ...a glucagon test and now awaiting results to see if further action required x

Hi how did you get on? Did you decide. I saw Dr Mukherjee. P.m. me if still interested.

Hi PoppyRose

Would it be okay if I'd message you re. Dr Mukherjee?

Many thanks in advance. I did see Dr Kearny before. Not sure if she deals with thyroid, I think her interest lies in pituitary.


Yes no problem x

Hi how did you get on with Dr muckergee ?

Thank you so much xx

Hi, I too am interested in either dr mukherjee ir dr keaney. Feedback and experience appreciated. Please pm me with details of either of them. Thanks

Please p.m me to regarding Dr Mukhergee as awaiting clinic appointment. Do you know what days they run? Thanks.

Hi just came across this post and i would appreciate it also if anyone can p.m me with feedback about Dr Annice Mukherjee. I came across her profile amongst others while looking into seeing someone privately. Just wondering if she does RT3 testing along with the other thyroid tests and what form of adrenal testing is taken. Also if she's open and able to prescribe other than T4 only meds. I have no thyroid after TT 3 years ago from Graves disease. Thank you.

Hi, will PM you.

Hi, I've just sent you something, although I probably haven't answered half of what uv asked!!? But maybe somebody else can chime in? 

Good luck Hun! 

I am interested in any info as I am looking for an endocrinologist to see privately. I don't want to choose the wrong person and waste my money, there seem to be many different ways of working and my GP doesn't know what's wrong with me. I have been referred but can't wait that long as I'm at my wits end and exhausted/stressed/emotional/losing cognitive function to the point where I am forgetting people's names.

Hi could you pm me too please regarding dr Mukherjee.


Hi, I know this thread isn't recent but I have an appointment with Dr Mukherjee in August and was wondering what anyone that has seen her thinks??

Many thanks X

I am interested in seeing her as a private patient due to her areas of interest. I haven't been diagnosed with anything yet, but have low B12, low iron and coeliac disease. I have been plagued with fatigue and myalgia and very low moods/anxiety and would appreciate any info on Dr Mukherjee. My dietician suggested I had thyroid problems (due to results of blood tests) but when my GP tested, he said it was fine.

Hi, any information on Tara Kearney would be greatly received too as I am hoping to see her. thanks x


You may not get responses as this thread is 2 years old. Write your own post and ask members to send you feedback about Tara Kearney via private messages.

Hello all, sending everybody lots of best wishes here! To sum up my post, I'd say I'm certainly STILL LOOKING as my experience was not as helpful I was hoping it might be, but that is a reflection of my personal health journey. Everybody is experiencing similar but unique expressions of ill health.

I've emailed you EmmyR with the longer version of my original post though.

But good luck to everybody! :)


Has anybody seen Dr Annice Mukherjee for Hashimotos autoimmune disease?

I have had really bad experiences with endocrinologists so far and I would like to find someone that could really help me...

Are there any other good endocrinologists that you would suggest in the Greater Manchester area (or up to an hour away)?

I am desperate....

Thank you

Hi how did you get on with dr mukherjee Iam seeing her soon I have an underactive thyroid and am struggling with depression and anxiety is she any good in these areas many thanks chris


I'd REALLY appreciate any information of experiences with Dr Kearny and Dr Mukerjee.

Could you please (everyone) PM me.

Many thanks.


I've heard great things about Dr Mukherjee but I haven't yet seen her myself. Hopefully I will soon. I was underwhelmed by the practice of Dr Kearney and would not return to it.


That's very helpful, thanks for that. I'm hoping to have my low ferritin levels treated and that may help the thyroid.

Hello does anyone have any experience of Dr Mukhergee or Tansey re adrenal fatigue? I have chronic insomnia and I can't carry out normal tasks. Getting desperate. Any info gratefully received thank you.

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