Choosing an Endocrologist?

I have an appointment at Stepping Hill hospital in Stockport in a few days, for a scan to determine whether my GP's diagnosis of a Goitre is correct. If it is found that I have a Goitre the GP will refer me to an Endocrologist. Does this mean I have to see the consultant at Stepping Hill? Or could I ask to be referred to an Endocrologist at one of the other local hospitals such as Salford Royal, Wythenshawe or The Manchester Royal? If so does any of you 'roidies have any recommendations for a good Endocrologist in any of the Manchester hospitals? If it is not appropriate to post the name of consultants on the website please private message me! I'm worrying that I will get an unsympathetic or totally diabetic specialised consultant with no interest in thyroid or adrenal issues! Baggie x

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  • Baggiebod, you should be able to request referral to an endo of your choice at any of the Manchester hospitals. Unfortunately most endos are diabetes specialists. Email for a list of endos recommended by members and you will also hopefully get personal recommendatins via PM.

  • Thanks Clutter have done this now!

  • I have been seeing consultants at Wythenshawe hospital for 2 years and they are excellent. The lead consultant is Dr Higham and she works with a professor from the Christie. They are specialists in all types of endo disorders and links to Christie where they have an even more specialist clinic should you need it. I highly recommend them.

  • Thank you so much for your info!

  • Hi Baggiebod, I recommend The Christie Hospital where I have been going for the last 18 months if not Wythenshawe Hospital where Dr Higham is also based they are excellent. I agree with TillyKay.

  • Thanks cresswell are you also Hypo? This website is SOoo good for sharing info x

  • Hi Baggiebod, I have Graves and Thyroid eye disease, Dr Higham is excellent I would ask to see her. This site is good x

  • Excellent, thanks for that, is she open to testing all the bloods they talk about on this site? and is she open to prescribing T3 or NDT? Regards, Baggie x

  • I've never asked her about NDT so don't know what her opinion is. I'd be very interested to know what she thinks though. I imagine they would want to control your TSH and T3 via levothyroxine and make sure you don't have any other endocrine disorders. Once my TSH and T3 were within their recommended range (TSH less than 2 and T3 in the top third of the reference range) I felt fine on just Levo. As I said in my pm, there is a temptation to blame lingering symptoms on the thyroid but there may be other issues and it does take time for things to settle even after your TSH is right.

    Maybe see you in the waiting room haha!

  • Hey, that would be nice if we did meet up in the waiting room lol x

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