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I have been seeing an excellent endo privately. He also works as an endo in the NHS, but in a different Trust from my own. I have just seen my local NHS endo who a) does not agree with my private endo, b) has removed me from her books as I am currently seeing two endos ( my own and another for CFS ), c) is happy for me to continue seeing my own endo as the treatment is working. ( Disagrees with the prognosis, but agrees that the treatment is working??????)

I now have to go back to my GP and see if I can have my private endo as my NHS consultant. How can I do this? The care I have recieved in my local NHS has been poor, so I absolutely want to continue seeing my own endo. I will continue doing so privately, if I must, but given that he is primarily an NHS consultant surely I should be able to see him via the NHS?

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  • Strawberryflower, can't your private endo transfer you to his NHS list? If he can't, ask your GP to refer you to him.

  • I'm seeing him next week so I will definitely ask him. I was just wondering whether he himself could do that for me, or whether I would have to go back to my GP.

  • I have asked for something similar, as very disappointed by first nhs endo. Went to my gp and showed her the letter he'd sent, told her I thought it was a load of old rubbish and why which included giving her a list of every vit/min and how much I supplemented to achieve the allegedly normal results. She was happy to write the referral letter, but I haven't heard back yet so can't say for certain it'll be happening. (2nd referral is to one off Louise's list of course). My GP was certainly prepared to listen and help, so I would say it's certainly worth a go.

  • My concern is that my private endo is in a totally different Trust area ( several hours drive away ). Is your preferred endo in a different Trust? I live in England, so English NHS Trust rules apply.

  • Yes different trust to the one where I live, so I have the same potential problem of it being out of area. about a 40 mile drive for me, so not as bad as yours. Also England.

  • Good luck on the referral! I will see what my private endo says next week, make an appointment with one of my more sympathetic Gps etc etc. Fingers crossed.

  • I thought you had a choice over which consultant you chose? I would read the NHS Choices website, visit your GP and ask for a referral to the Endo you wish to see indicating that it is tour right to do so.

    Do not be put off. My GP tried to persuade me to see someone at my local hospital which was in special measures. He clearly stated this consultant was very good. Nevertheless, I opted for another hospital and consultant.

  • I would be very grateful for the exact page reference or quote referring to my rights. I have gone round and round the websites and cannot find any precise information.

    My friend has said something about writing to the CCG. Again, precise information would be invaluable. I really cannot cope with going round in circles anymore.

  • I think this might give you a head start :

  • Thank you. Getting to see my own endo will be my third nhs referral ( though the first was technically for CFS rather than specifically endo. As the CFS clinic falls under endo ).

    I just hope the parameters of the patient choice covers this.

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